Excuse the sight while I have a little play. Do you like the otters?

And why is it that on the day I announce the leaving of the allotment, I get my highest number of hits for months? Slightly ironic, non?

Edit. I didn’t like the otters.


Fastest growing

So it seems that yesterday I was the 88th fastest growing blog in the WordPress world. It’s not the most impressive stat in the world, I’ll agree, but I’m rather chuffed about it. I got a total of (count them) 78 hits yesterday, with most people reading the what I did last weekend post. Lots of people came from Burro’s website and one person came here from writing ‘philip schofield night before christmas’ into their search engine. I still can’t work out how they got here from that.

Anyway, thanks for reading you lovely, lovely people and for making me WordPress’ 88th highest growing blog. I shall cherish this day always.