Down Under

So I’ve made it. The flight was good and I arrived in Australia on time. The hostel’s good, it’s nice and small and the people are friendly. There’s so much to write about, but my brain’s so frazzled I can’t remember what exactly. In my head it’s about three in the morning, but it’s actually lunchtime. Here’s some notes.

There’s a shop down the road that seems to sell only mannequin legs.

The sounds of the pedestrian crossings are awesome. They beep constantly and when it’s time to cross they make a cool “pew! pew!” sound.

It’s really quite warm here. Sam from the hostel said today “is a cold day”

Nothing slaps you round the face and makes you realise you’re actually in Australia than a walk around Adelaide Botanic Gardens. God, it’s beautiful! It’s like a normal park, except the trees are bigger and more exotic and rather than pigeons running around, there’s big white woodpecker type birds instead. Which would make sense what with being in Oz and everything. You can’t but help just stopping and have a gawp every five seconds.

Right, rather than succumbing to sleep, I’m off to a market to stuff my face. Byeee!