I’ve never owned a Polaroid camera, and what with them not being produced anymore, I’m not likely too either. Which is a shame really as there’s something lovely about the look of the photos produced. But have no fear, for there is a smart piece of freeware available on the net to play with. Poladroid converts  your photos into a lovely polaroid looking jpegs complete with the warm colouring and the waiting for the picture to develop. It’s really worth downloading. Even crappy mundane photos like mine look good after being transformed!


sewing, photos, spiders

So many things to talk about! Such little time. Where to begin?

I’m learning to sew with the aid of Dave’s mum and a very old sewing machine. There’s a definite knack I’m having to learn. It’s going ok though, at least I can guide the material through the machine straightly. Next stop, getting my head round patterns. I made a mini tote bag with some scraps of fabric that happens to be perfect for holding bags of money around…

machine     straight lines!

… the bags of money were pound coins saved up by Dave in a little goldfish money box (named Archie in tribute to our first pet fish) which were carried by me in my new mini tote to the bank so I could go to Amazon and buy this beauty.  A proper camera! To take proper photos! Hooray! Look at what I’ve done:

These was taken on Sunday on a very nice day trip with my sister Becky and her friend Tess (who went off to see Prince later on that day, the lucky buggers)


Canary Warf and the upstairs neighbour’s little kitten Fred, who is the cutist, most curious little cat ever. He’s absolutely gorgeous and every time he wonders into our flat there’s always a little voice in my head suggesting we keep him.

My trip to Oz is now complety booked with my last week spent in a hostel run by a bunch of hippies. Awesome. I have now spent the past half an hour looking at pictures of Australian spiders and literally putting myself off my lunch. Humph.