It’s all true.

What amazing things have you discovered about yourself readers?



I’m tired. I’ve only had two hours sleep these past 24 hours. My voice is screwed and I’m all achy. And I’m at work. Bummer, huh? Anyway, I’m doing my best to avoid all work and while I make yet another coffee, why don’t you rate your blog? It turns out that this here blog is a family friendly G rating because I’ve only used one slightly naughty word: crappy. I wonder if I can get it any higher? Bum! Poo! Willy! On the edge blogging me thinks.

And mainly for the entertainment of Dave and Mr. Burro, here is the What Are Your Chances of Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse? quiz. I’m a rubbish 25%, so expect me to be shambling very soon. Scores in the comment box please.

5 Crazy Things

I’ve been tagged by Burro and it would be most rude if I didn’t reply. So here’s five things you may, or may not know about me.

I may be living in London now, but I’m from all over the place. Born in Carlisle, moved down to Bristol when I was three and then Lymington when I was 11.  My family’s surname originates from Devon (where my Dad’s side of the family are all from) and it means ‘rabbit wood’, which I think is lovely.

Down south, my dad is known by old people the region wide as he’s a reporter for the local news.

If you want a tour of the House of Commons and a drink on the Terrace, I’m your girl.

Once on holiday when I was little, while walking amongst the fells of the Lake District, I fell into a bog. It’s quite scary being neck high in cold, dark water.

Dispite owning a Wii, a DS and a Playstation2 and doing the odd thing on the PC, I’m actually rubbish at playing video games. So bad, in fact, that when visiting a videogame expo a couple of years back, I got laughed at 12 times by various teenagers (the worst kind of mocking) while trying out various games.

So there you have it. I could have come up with something slightly more interesting, but it’s the first day back at work and my brain’s slightly frazzled. So who to tag? Hmmm…

John, Clodhopper, Eguinan, Wizer, and Thisisalloneword

Post holiday blues, sort of

You know, it’s only after two weeks of breathing lovely fresh clean air you realise just how much London air sucks. It really is dirty, even out here in the suburbs, and it smells. Oh, I wish I was back in Wales! It really is fabulous up there. Dave and I have known about this amazing cottage in the middle of nowhere for a while now and we took my family up there last week. They loved it. They’re also the type of people who like doing lots of things on hols so we managed to discover lots places that would have otherwise would have been un-visited. If you find yourself in Snowdonia I insist on you visiting Portmeirion and the Ffestiniog Railway, they’re both quite awesome.

This is where I stayed. Nice, isn’t it?

And here’s me and Dave with our nicest faces:


Pretty aren’t we?

Normally after a holiday I find that things are pretty depressing. I’m a country bumpkin at heart and coming back to the Smoke can be quite hard sometimes, and I’m definitely not looking forward going back to work in my crappy grey office with no windows. But, things are slightly different this time round. I don’t start work until next week and Dave and I went back to Oxford today to see off our friend Jen who starts her post grad at Christ Church college this week (we’re very proud). This is also the first proper holiday I’ve had since owning the allotment. I’ve come back refreshed and raring to go. Reading that Monty Don book has certainly helped, it’s such an inspiration. I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it again, give this book a jolly good read.

On the journey back home, we popped into a garden centre. Not by choice though, it just so happened there’s a Dobbies at the services near Shrewsbury and needing a wee and a coffee we popped in. Quite frankly a terrible garden centre catered towards OAP coach parties full of dodgy looking gifts and more cafe than plant space. It meant we missed probably the much better Percy Thrower’s Garden Centre (although looking at the website, it sounds the same as all the other gardening centres in the world) but I did manage to buy a mini greenhouse which is now a rather essential piece of gardening equipment now I’m in a flat that has very little light and very little space to place promising wee seedlings. I put it up today and it looks awesome.

So now I’ve come back all refreshed and have six more days of holiday, here’s a small list for my benefit of things to do allotment wise this week:

  • Order seed catalogues now. Nothing quite excites like flipping through these small booklets and imagining the thousands of gardening possibilities they hold, nor does nothing quite depress quite so much when you realise you can’t afford them all. But it’s nice to look. Besides, I like receiving lots of post.
  • Get some winter growing veg sown and put in my awesome new greenhouse. I have lots of cabbage seeds to plant and quite a few other seeds bought this time last year that never got used.
  • Get down to the allotment and say hello to the lovely thing. This won’t be done till Tuesday though as Carrot Fly has an interview tomorrow in the capital and I’m taking her to lunch after she’s finished.
  • Do some digging and weeding. We’ve had plenty of rain these past couple of days so the ground’s perfect for trying to get rid of those awful bindweed roots and other such nasty things.
  • Possibly plan some proper beds and sow grass pathways. I know they are high maintenance, but they look nice and it gives me an excuse to buy a push mower which for some reason I’ve always wanted to own one.
  • Fork through the compost heap. God, that thing’s a pile of crap, there’s bindweed growing through it and everything. The bin itself doesn’t stand properly and the top half constantly falls over in high winds. One of these days I’ll get a proper sturdy bin and use the old one for various other things like the lid for a bird bath and the two main bits for large containers, in the meantime it will have to try and remain in one piece and store all my old rotting kitchen waste.
  • Buy some gaffer tape and try and fix the compost bin.
  • Pray my pumpkins havn’t perished. I have a horrible feeling….

And last but definitely not least,

  • Have a bonfire. Fire! Fire! We’re allowed to have them once it’s October and any weed pickings I have are not to be trusted on the compost heap so onto flames they go. Mulled cider will be consumed and it will all be treated as a late Equinox celebration. Hooray!

By the way, what do you think of the new look? I’m not sure. I quite like it, it’s modern and fresh but it’s also a bit… brown. Let me know what you think.


I’m taking a break for two weeks. It’s a proper holiday! Hoorah! One week in the Cotswalds, and next week in the middle of north Wales with a bunch of friends and lots of wine. Bliss. Have just discovered that the pub nearby has Wifi, so I’m stealing their internet. Spent yesterday looking round Blenhim Palace which is wonderful and worth visiting just for the butterfly house alone. Have some pictures to look at!

lavender     lake

Must… go… internet connection fading…