To celebrate the fact it’s my birthday and this is my 100th post, I’d thought I’d share with you my trip to London Zoo last Saturday. It really is a great place to visit. I went there just over a year ago with Carrot Fly and Aphid and the conditions and enclosures the animals are kept in are really improving, the gorilla area particulally.

The otters were the best though, the camera whores.


And now for the science bit

My sisters have been up to the Big Smoke this weekend to visit their big sis and Dave and see a few sights. The village fete at the Victoria and Albert museum; Footloose The Musical (which really isn’t very good unless you like the film in which case it’s quite funny); watching some people cause fire, explosions and spray water onto onlookers outside the National Theatre; walking into a very drunk, very old gentleman who said to me “you’re very beautiful, may I make love to you someday?”; joining a rave on the banks of the Thames and standing in Piccadilly Circus saying things like “oooh, it’s like Piccadilly Circus round here” before catching the last tube home, were just some of the things we did in London that wern’t gardening related, but we did visit the gardening centre at Ally Pally and got a few plants for the allotment and worked on the plot for a bit. Which brings me to the point of this post.

Clive the Spider

To stay in vague keeping with this blog, Bec and Ju have requested that that be called Aphid and Carrot Fly respectively. I wanted to call Ju Clubrot, but she wouldn’t let me forsome reason.

Both my sisters are awesome with plants and it was great to have them on the plot. They even did my watering.

Carrot Fly surveying  Aphid weeding 

Carrot Fly looks like a giant compared to Aphid.

Aphid prepared a herb bed and planted purple basil, horseradish and blue hyssop. Carrot Fly is a botanist by trade and so did a botanical survey of my plot. That can be seen here. There were over 20 non edible species. All of them common too, which scuppers my planned excuse of ‘but I can’t dig, I have rare plants growing’.

We also managed to plant some kohlrabi and spring onions, watch spiders, crickets and a caterpillar make its cocoon underneath some of my weed suppressant. Courgettes, peas, potatoes and a red onion were harvested and a decision for the three sisters to meet again and spend a day in the allotment was made.

caerpiller cocoon making

Anyway, I’m away from the allotment for a week now. The fate of my plants are in Dave’s hands who said he’s do a bit of watering if it doesn’t rain.

How is the plot doing my lover?