I went, got a bit wet, then it stopped raining and I stopped getting depressed about the weather, saw lots of weird and wonderful things, ate lots of amazing food, got stuck in a ferris wheel steat, cried watching Leonard Cohen perform Hallelujah, got sunburnt and I can’t wait for next year.

View from the top. Click for notes


Some proper gardening

I’ve not really written about gardening since I gave the allotment. To be honest, I’ve not really done any gardening. But a few weeks ago, Dave and I tidied up around the front of the flat. For what it is, it’s a generous space and had planty of room for a range of decent sized containers. A few flowers were planted, including a passiflora to cover the view of the snooker club below us. It’s doing amazingly well and I think it’ll take over the entire block. It wasn’t just flowers though. We have lots of salad leaves growing nicely plus a few corgettes, beetroot and lots of basil. The picture above is of mizuna, a very nice Japanese salad leaf. There’s some more photos in my Flickr if you want to have a look (link on the right of this page). They’re a bit out of date but I’ll take some more soon.

Flighty earlier this week very generously sent me a book on composting. It’s very good! Hopefully it’ll help me make up my mind about how I want to organise my kitchen waste. So thank you, Mr. F, it’s very cool.

Now I know I said I wasn’t going to go, but I gave in. I couldn’t spend a year without it. I’m going to Glastonbury Festival. Yay! I’m quite excited. In fact I leave for the coach there in but half an hour. Unfortunately it’s forecast to rain quite heavily tomorrow. 😦 😦 Bum.

It’s a jungle out there…

So I went to the allotment for the first time in weeks last Friday. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. It’s quite interesting leaving weeds to their own devises. It’s always quite interesting to see exactly how tall weeds get (about my hight I’ve discovered). Plus if you leave some veg to go to seed, it’s really quite pretty. PSB seed pods are fasanating and leek flowers really quite beautiful and as my next plot neighbour Joe said “at least there’s somewhere for the wildlife to go”.

It is pretty bad though and I am quite ashamed about it all. It does mean I’m back to square one again too. I’ve been advised to get a manual lawn mower to chop down the weeds and to keep mowing the weeds afterwards. That way the plants use up all their energy trying to grow and they eventually die (plus you’re left with a rather nice lawn afterwards, so I may not have any vegetables but at least I’ll have somewhere nice to sit down on).

But it’s not all bad news on the vegetable front. The front of the flat is looking rather lovely at the moment. I have a couple of hanging baskets with a few tomato plants growing away and lots of growbags containing the runner beans and peas I bought from Crocus a few weeks back. And there’s pots of lettuces and courgettes too. I’ll take a few pictures when I next remember. 

Obvisiouly none of this matters because in 30 hours I’m off to my spritual home. This is a gentle warning really as there will be a few posts about it when I come back. I lost my journal in the Great Flood of 05 and it’s such a shame as you can’t remember everything. I have however, just found a very old blog of mine with entries from Glastonbury 04. If you fancy reading it, posts are here, here, here and here. The links might not work though and it’s slightly depressing to see that my writing was much funnier and quite a bit better than what it is now. Ho hum.

Anyway, see you next week you lot.  Enjoy the solstice. I’ll try and not get too muddy.


I’ve got my Glasto ticket! Well, I got the coach ticket to get there. And I don’t get my actual ticket until I’m on the coach travelling down to the site. It’s got to the point now where I don’t care about the fact I’m leaving at 5 in the afternoon from London*, I’m just excited I’m going. And the last few Glastos I couldn’t leave for the site until Thursday evening so an extra 24hrs is nice!

Oh, goddess, it’s going to be amazing. Greenmantle, I think you’re right. It’s going to piss it down. But I don’t care, I’ve got my walking boots and gators. And waterproof trousers (which are perfect of you happen to slip and fall over in the mud on the way to the dance tent. Ahem).

Even the lineup is quite good. If you like xfm shenanigans that is, which I’ve grown out of. But Bill Bailey! The Aliens! Pendulum! DJ Yoda! Guilty Pleasures! And I’ll miss them all because I’ll be watching the sun rise on the Solstice in the stone cicle!

I’m going for a sit down and have a gaze at this. I can’t take the excitement much more.

*there seems to be an awful lot of us leaving at that time. I hope it’s organised well enough so we find out what coach we’re on and leave on time. But then I suppose that’s why we’ve been asked to arrive 30 mins before the departure time. I bet you some eegit turns up at 5 and holds us all up. Grrr.

Oh, I write something gardening related soon. But first I have to go to the dentist for the first time in eight years. Eeep!