Hullo. I’m Mildew and I’m a person. I live in north London and have fun with compost and shoving random plants in pots. I used to have an allotment, but gave it up so I could go away on weekends and not feel guilty about neglecting it (I also let it get over-run with weeds, but the less said about that the better…)

Should you ever want to get in touch, and you’re more than welcome to, email me at charlotte.coneybeer@gmail.com


9 Responses

  1. And me. You amuse me, too.

  2. Thank you! That’s really cool. I’ve just discovered where your comments dissapeared to. They were caught as spam! It’s disgraceful I tell ye.

  3. Hello! As promised in my comment when you you left 20six I do stop by now and again to see how you’re getting on. Happy Easter!

  4. Hi Flightbuff! Good to see you again! Nice to see you check in from time to time. I hope you have a good easter and eat lots of chocolate.

  5. hi, just found you through Britblog.com as being in harringey.

    just thorught i’d say hey.

    I’m over in wood green and don’t have an allotment, although there are some at the top of my road.


  6. Hi
    Nice Blog. I know what you mean about struggling to keep on top of it all at this time of year.
    Was wondering if we could swap site links – I have started up a little blog of my own recently and want to get some (select) links going.

  7. Nice blog… I’m on the waiting list for Alexandra Palace allotment site, only 6 years left to wait… for now i’m having to make do with whatever space I can make in our garden without turning it into some parody of the Good Life!

    I count myself lucky that there is a waiting list – many Harringey allotments have closed their lists, and Islington which i’m close to only allocate plots to Islington residents – bah.

  8. Hullo, very nice to hear from you! links are swapped. Mentalfloss, are you by any chance a Crouch Ender? I was on the Ally Pally waiting list myself when I lived in Hornsey, that was about two years ago and there was a five to six year wait for me, so not a lot has changed! It’s strange because there are reports that Harringey have the most vacancies in London. I’m guessing they’re all over in Tottenham way. If you have a car, it might be worth seeing if Enfield council have any spare plots. I know my site has (I think) and I’m about a 10 minutes drive from Ally Pally (if that). There are a few sites around the Wood Green/Palmers Green border that may have spare plots. Let me know if you want some more information.

  9. hello

    do you know any retired people who do gardening? i live in palmers green and am looking for someone. pls email me on kets999@hotmail.com

    many thanks

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