New Post

It’s a new post! Hello! You see, I’ve not forgotten about you. The thing is, is that I’ve not been doing much in the way of gardening; the front of the flat is ticking over, sure, but it’s not been particularly productive. I’ve had lots of lettuce and basil, but I only managed to harvest one courgette and the beetroot was a disaster. Also all I seem to be doing these days is wedding planning. Obviously, I’ll keep you updated, but I don’t want to bore you with tears with everything that’s going on. Besides, I’ll only give everything away and Dave will only end up seeing pictures of me in my wedding dress. Also, as some of you know, I’ve also been occupied with my photo project which is harder than it looks!

I do have plans for the flat and springtime should be productive. I’ll keep you posted.

I finally caught an episode of the new series of Gardeners’ World. Toby Buckland seems pretty good I thought. He reminded me of Geoff Hamilton a little. What do you guys think? I really wish the producers would stop using Sarah Raven though. She manages to turn what could be fascinating reports into dull pieces of beige.


Shopping and Telly

I was given some free seeds today. From Topshop! That’s right, the high street clothes shop that’s the darling of every celebrity and every woman under the age of 40 (seriously. They’re the best. Even if I can’t find a pair of trousers big enough to fit me in there any more. 😦 😦 😦 ).

From next week, Topshop wants your rubbish. A week of clothes swapping, gardening tips and workshops showing your how to sew your own shopping bag. Which is great – there’s an awful lot of young impressionable girls who’ll come across this and Topshop have an awful lot of influence so hopefully a new breed of gardeners and crafters will spring forth from this week.
I watched Gardeners World for the first time in a few weeks tonight and was quite excited that Joe’s allotment is in Enfield. It’s just up the road from me! That was a nice surprise. Also a lovely tribute to Monty tonight. It’s a shame that he’s stepped down from presenting. I think he’s been the biggest gardening influence I’ve ever had, his passion on screen is unrivalled. Lets hope he has a speedy recovery.


It was my birthday last week. To help commiserate my last year in my twenties, flatmate Jen took me to dinner. Wahaca to be precise, a Mexican restaurant in Covent Garden run by Masterchef winner Thomasina Mier. It has an ethos very close to this blog’s heart; food is locally sourced and of good quality and follow the seasons. Cocktails are good and contain a decent amount of booze without being overpowering. I had a hibiscus flower margareta which a perfect summers day drink. The food was delicious, it was my first time eating proper Mexican (ie, not having anything other than that El Paso crap)  and we’re definitely be going back there again. If you find yourself in the area you should too! The lovely thing about this place is at the end of your meal. Rather than recieving mints with your bill you get chilli seeds and instructions on how to grow them. More places should do this methinks.

Gardener’s World…

…is back on our screens tonight after their summer break, hurrah! If there’s one thing that actually gets me motivated and doing, it’s that programme.

But that means I’ve managed to miss all the GW specials that were broadcast over the summer. Which is a shame as they’re worth a watch even if they do pale in comparison to the proper programme. I caught one, actually. I switched it on and mistakenly thought I was watching a Nigella show when in fact it was Rachael De Thame talking about so called super foods. Surprise, surprise, locally grown food and a varied diet is just as good for us as eating exotic foods imported from halfway around the world. Anyway, I have a question. Did any of you catch the specials? One in particular, actually. Joe Swift presented and it was about gardens in urban areas and brown field sites. If one of you caught it, could you tell me if they used a bit of footage from the House of Commons? I was the one who supplied the footage to them you see and I’d like to know if it was shown. In all my years of sending out clips of PMQs and public accounts committees to Dispatches and Tonight on Trevor McDonald and other news programmes and documentaries, I have never been so pleased and excited to be pressing play and record buttons at the same time before.

Also, and I’m fairly sure you all know about this before, but the GW website has a fantastic blog written by Berryfields’ head gardener. Needless to say, I’m insanely jealous of her. She’s too pretty, has the most amazing job and trained at the most amazing places. Bah.


It seems I’ve reviewed about five million (well, two) TV shows recently. However, there’s one show that I’ve sadly missed out as it really was essential viewing. Ray Mears’ Wild Food was awesome. It’s food shopping with the smallest ecological footprint. Also, as started on the Triforce, Mears is my shameful would. He’s very good with his hands.

Ray Mears

Which celebrity do you have a secret and slightly shameful hankering for readers?

TV Snippits

Just for a bit of info, like. But last week’s grow Your Own Vegetables had more viewers than Celebrity Big Brother. Not bad going, eh? I think the figures may be slightly different come this Friday after all this nasty bullying though…

Did anyone catch Storyville on BBC4 last night? Was about political activism and blogging. Very interesting it was too!

Another ropey TV review

Grow Your Own Vegetables is currently being aired on BBC2. It’s great! Carol Kline is a wonderful and enthusiastic presenter who really inspires you to get out there and plant stuff. I was going to write something decent, but I’m only doing this post to try and cure my usual Sunday night insomnia. So here’s a few thoughts on what’s been broadcast so far.

  • I want to try wild parsnip.
  • The sale of Jerusalem artichokes will now rocket
  • It helps a lot when you have three enthusiastic children helping out.
  • I liked Kline’s response to digging up potatoes for the first time, it was almost gasp for gasp my reaction when I dug up my first spuds last year. It made me smile. And remind me I really should buy my seed potatoes for this year.
  • The music used was spot on, every tune a good one.
  • It was a top rate production. Informative and entertaining. Will watch again. A++++