Sharing? Bah humbug!

Apologies if this post sounds a bit funny, but I’m having one of those days when nothing is going my way. How dare it! 

I’ve just discovered my first grey hair. Slippers and pipe to follow. 

Anyone going to
Eastbourne on Saturday? I need a lift. 

Shiraz, the lady who’s having the allotment below me left a message on my phone last night. Before Christmas I agreed that she could share my shed as a) it’s a nice thing to do, b) Peter the site manager asked if I would as sheds are few and far between, c) apparently she’s about my age and I could make a new chum and d) it would help my, I mean Dave’s costs as she would have to pay half the shed rent. (I’m not actually sure if
Shiraz realises this last point, but I’ll give her the good news tonight) 

However, I’m having second thoughts about letting her share. Sure, there’s plenty of room for her, but I’ve got comfortable in my little shed and I’ve organised it the way I want with all my equipment in the places I want them. The one thing I really love about my shed and my allotment is that it is a place where I can go to spend time alone, having someone else there will just ruin that. 

I’m more than aware of the fact that these feelings are totally selfish and I should be glad there’s another young-ish person joining our community and the pros more than outweigh the cons but I want my shed my own. Is that wrong? 



If Dispatches ever ask you for any footage towards the end of what was a rather nice working day, refuse and do it Monday. Otherwise half the tape machines will fail to work, the matrix will bugger up and patching won’t do anything. You’ll also stay at work two and a half hours later than planned and you’ll end up in work the next morning faced with exactly the same problems as last night with no engineers in sight when you should be up in the allotment digging. Arse.

Stupid Beta SP machine. What does this mean?!?!?!