Hello! Did you all have a lovely halloween? I did, I had the day off work and decided to be a tourist for the day. I got off at Tower Hill, walked over the bridge, watched a man repeatedly motorcycle over three old routemasters (I’ll upload a video once I can find a computer here at work that has Quicktime), wondered over to the Tate Modern and looked at Louise Bourgeois spider out the front, and Doris Salcedo’s crack in the floor of the turbine Hall. Which is just a crack in the floor of the Turbine Hall.

In the evening I met up with Dave, my sister Ju (formally known as Carrot Fly) and sometime commenter on this blog, Jen, had a few pints in the best pub in the world ever and then watch the old Hammer production of Dracula, which was awesome.

Oh, and I came up with this *amazing* joke. What do vegetarian zombies eat?


(belated) Happy Samhain!


Last weekend

  • Those swanky Virgin pendolinos trains from Euston to Carlisle are very nice, but have the ability to make me feel very travel sick.
  • staying in a old castle in the middle of nowhere is awesome and must be done on a regular basis.
  • Cooking a six course meal for 20 people is very hard.
  • Having people playing ghosts and having makeup on them to make it look like they’ve had their eyeballs stolen isn’t as wierd as it sounds.
  • Dressing up as a RAF captain and running round all guns blazing, shooting down some occultists then running away like girls from the Big Bad is the best fun ever. Really.