Film news! Fish News! Weather news! Over Excitment!

We’re having terrible weather here at the moment. The rain is relentless and we have the biggest thunderstorm I’ve seen in ages. The thunder is so loud our windows are rattling! It’s cool.

The TV is on at the moment and I’m watching Film 2006. During the news section, there was a very quick story about a film we’d all be interested in. It’s called the allotment and it’s written by the same people who did 24 Hour Party People and A Cock and Bull Story so it should be pretty good. Nice cast too.
Sunday morning was spent up at the lovely garden centres at Crews Hill. I’ve managed to get my garlic and onion sets for the winter but the best thing was this. The fish tank Ian currently uses is a bit rubbish. The pump doesn’t work properly and is so loud you can still hear it at the other side of the flat when all the doors are closed. It was quite annoying, especially if it was the middle of the night and you blearily stumble into the kitchen looking for a glass of water only to be greeted by the sound of a big drill. Ian must have the wort headache in the world.

So, we bought him a new home. It’s bigger, quieter the filter is better and it’s much kinder for the fish really. Here is a picture of Ian having a swim:

But a shiny new tank wasn’t the only thing! No! We decided that Ian was a bit lonely. So we bought him a friend! Meet Angus!:

He has the knack of looking grumpy all the time.


Angus wasn’r the only fish to arrive! Welcome Stripy!

It’s not the most imaginative name I know, but it suits him.

Here’s them all together:

Ahhh. One big happy family. Well, t least they are now. Ian didn’t take to them much to begin with and started headbutting them when they were introduced, but he’s getting much more used to them now and once we get more gravel and a couple more plants they’re gping to be some of the best pets in the world! Possibly.


two things

Dammit, it’s the last day of my hols to do something useful and it’s just too wet to do anything on the allotment. Not that I mind working in the rain, I love it, but digging is a nightmare in my clay soil. Curses.

— — — — —

We bought Ian some new fish food the other day. It’s main ingredient is fish. Eww.

(not sure if there’s any point in showing you this picture as you really can’t see the ingredients, or Ian very well. Hey ho)


Ok, I admit it. I’m rubbish. I’m rubbish at keeping this blog up to date and I’m also rubbish at keeping my allotment up to date too. I’ve not completely ignored the plot, just overlooked it. It’s been a busy time up here. There’s been filling in job applications, preparing for the Big Move In (with Dave! Next month! Eek!), being genuinely busy at work and mourning the death of another goldfish, Duke. Methinks Dave and I shouldn’t be allowed to keep pets. If one day I ever have my dream of having a little cottage in the country with cats, chickens and possibly a couple of pigs, feel very, very concerned for the animals.

The plot has received a couple of waters once in a while, but weeding desperately needs doing (you can hardly see the leeks for all the grass…) and digging needs to be done. I’m ignoring the digging chore with the excuses that the ground is far too hard what with it being a clay soil and it’s too hot to do any kind of proper manual work. I’m still trying to think of excuses to not do the weeding.

There has been some harvesting though, which is very nice. The broad beans have now all been eaten up and were lovely. I can’t wait to plant more this autumn. For Sunday lunch yesterday we enjoyed out first peas and an enormous marrow which I think will feed me and my flatmate for the next few months. All the garlic has been pulled up and is now drying on the kitchen window ledge. We had some cooking with the roast potatoes yesterday too. Potatoes are ready, I just have to dig them up.

What’s nice is that despite my lack of care my brassicas are doing really well. The PSB is shooting up as are the Some Sort of Cabbage. Sprouts and swede are doing well too. Runner beans are struggling and the round courgettes could be doing much better but I think I only have myself to blame.

Oh, I’ve just thought of an excuse for not doing the weeding. I’m on holiday for almost two months starting next Wednesday and I shall do it then. Will that do? 

Oh-oh-oh-oh-ooooh! Mys-ter-ious holes…

…I want to get rid of you! 

Popped down to the allotment on a bright Saturday morning to have a quick look around and dump some kitchen waste in the bin. I discovered these holes close to the broad beans, which is slightly worrying as I think they might be mice holes. They’re about 2cm apart. Any ideas dear reader?


The compost bin is looking rather lovely now, with plenty of stuff in there to get bacteria going once the air starts warming up, even though it looks like there’s grass growing through. Hmm. Anyway, here’s a picture of it as I’m still going through my ‘take pictures of everything as I have a Flickr account and think that the pics look nice in the blog’ phase. 

Duke and Ian survived the vodka jelly on Saturday, I didn’t fare so well (that jelly is evil) and was rather pleased that it bucketed it down yesterday and prevented me from doing any digging. I slept on Dave’s living room floor and watched the Princess Bride for the rest of the day. I’m not actually sure when I’m going to get round to digging, I’m off to Mum and Dad’s next weekend. Hmm. Maybe the next one. Maybe.



Another dead fish

Clint perished last night. That’s two fish gone in as many months. Somehow I don’t think that Dave should set up a fish welfare centre, I think the RSPCA may get suspicious. Anyway, now I’ve worked out how to upload photos, here’s a picture of the other dead fish Archie and Duke, who’s yet to be swimming with the fishes. Um, that phrase doesn’t really work here does it?

 Apologies for the quality, but it’s from my mobile.

Poor little fishy

So. Farewell then,


You were a pretty

Cool fish

What with your

Wiggly-bottom swim


Boggly  eyes.

Shame you only


Two days.

Yup, that’s right. My Christmas present to Dave only lasted two days. Actually, the other fish, Duke, is alive and kicking so it’s not all bad. Still a shame. Three guesses to where Archie will be buried…