Free rice!

You may know about this already, but there’s a rather wonderful game on the interweb that allows you to donate rice to the UN. Simply give the right definition of a word and 10 grains of rice is donated. It’s a good little quiz too, very challenging and it’s good brain food for a rubbish Wednesday morning. So far over 2 billion grains have been bought so add to that total now! If anyone could actually work out how much rice is 2 billion, I’d be very interested indeed.


It’s the little things…

You know, it’s really quite nice coming home after a (very) long and (very) busy and (very) stressful day at work and to have the warm Sun on your face and walking up to the front door and not only seeing lots of greenery, but food too. I can’t wait to have a munch on this courgette.