Do you think I could grow a few broad beans in containers? I’m going to miss eating them super fresh next year otherwise.



I won’t talk much about Glastonbury, because I’ll only bore half of you and the pear cider and a couple of ‘special’ cakes has made me forget half of the stuff I saw and did anyway. If you want to have a look at photos though, I have a set on my Flickr account. It really is worth visiting if you’ve never been before though, even if it is muddy. The Green Fields in particular. They’re lovely and calming, have excellent food on sale there, you’re able to have a cheap massage or some gong therapy or just sit back and watch the slightly odder side of society walk around. I bloody love it. The thing of most interest to this blog is that there is a permaculture garden tucked away just above the old railway track. It’s a wonderful oasis away from all the madness, plus it’s an actual working garden. 90% of the plants grown here are edible and they have a open fire where they cook and sell all the food they harvest. It’s tasty! This is a picture of their compost heap. I would have taken more pictures of the place, but I forgot.

It’s a jungle out there…

So I went to the allotment for the first time in weeks last Friday. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. It’s quite interesting leaving weeds to their own devises. It’s always quite interesting to see exactly how tall weeds get (about my hight I’ve discovered). Plus if you leave some veg to go to seed, it’s really quite pretty. PSB seed pods are fasanating and leek flowers really quite beautiful and as my next plot neighbour Joe said “at least there’s somewhere for the wildlife to go”.

It is pretty bad though and I am quite ashamed about it all. It does mean I’m back to square one again too. I’ve been advised to get a manual lawn mower to chop down the weeds and to keep mowing the weeds afterwards. That way the plants use up all their energy trying to grow and they eventually die (plus you’re left with a rather nice lawn afterwards, so I may not have any vegetables but at least I’ll have somewhere nice to sit down on).

But it’s not all bad news on the vegetable front. The front of the flat is looking rather lovely at the moment. I have a couple of hanging baskets with a few tomato plants growing away and lots of growbags containing the runner beans and peas I bought from Crocus a few weeks back. And there’s pots of lettuces and courgettes too. I’ll take a few pictures when I next remember. 

Obvisiouly none of this matters because in 30 hours I’m off to my spritual home. This is a gentle warning really as there will be a few posts about it when I come back. I lost my journal in the Great Flood of 05 and it’s such a shame as you can’t remember everything. I have however, just found a very old blog of mine with entries from Glastonbury 04. If you fancy reading it, posts are here, here, here and here. The links might not work though and it’s slightly depressing to see that my writing was much funnier and quite a bit better than what it is now. Ho hum.

Anyway, see you next week you lot.  Enjoy the solstice. I’ll try and not get too muddy.