This was my breakfast this morning:

Although not particularly filling, it still beat muesli.

This is how some of outside the flat is looking:

The potatoes are still mega and I’ve had to clip the tops off the runner beans as they were getting too big. All awesome though.


lots and lots

The front of the flat is looking *amazing*. Had a bit of a tidy up and re-potted a few things and planted a few herb seeds. It’s all looking good, especially the veg. I’m not sure whether it’s the weather or me just being a little more vigilant this year, but this really has been the best year outside the flat so far. Which is nice. Can’t show you any pictures because I’ve not taken any, but I shall try and get on with that tonight.

In other news, I turned 30 over the weekend.

Outside the flat

The space outside the flat is looking pretty good at the moment, with lots of things growing and quite a bit of veg looking promising.

I’ve got three big bags of second early potatoes growing really fast, it seems every time I look at them, there’s a new leaf emerging.

And the runner beans are rocketing with the courgette looking very strong.

Fruit is doing well too, with lots of strawberry flowers and amazingly, I have a decent crop of gooseberries growing. Last year, I didn’t have one berry on that plant and thought it wouldn’t ever produce fruit.

It’s all good!


Do you think I could grow a few broad beans in containers? I’m going to miss eating them super fresh next year otherwise.