This was my breakfast this morning:

Although not particularly filling, it still beat muesli.

This is how some of outside the flat is looking:

The potatoes are still mega and I’ve had to clip the tops off the runner beans as they were getting too big. All awesome though.


lots and lots

The front of the flat is looking *amazing*. Had a bit of a tidy up and re-potted a few things and planted a few herb seeds. It’s all looking good, especially the veg. I’m not sure whether it’s the weather or me just being a little more vigilant this year, but this really has been the best year outside the flat so far. Which is nice. Can’t show you any pictures because I’ve not taken any, but I shall try and get on with that tonight.

In other news, I turned 30 over the weekend.

Outside the flat

The space outside the flat is looking pretty good at the moment, with lots of things growing and quite a bit of veg looking promising.

I’ve got three big bags of second early potatoes growing really fast, it seems every time I look at them, there’s a new leaf emerging.

And the runner beans are rocketing with the courgette looking very strong.

Fruit is doing well too, with lots of strawberry flowers and amazingly, I have a decent crop of gooseberries growing. Last year, I didn’t have one berry on that plant and thought it wouldn’t ever produce fruit.

It’s all good!


…on earth is Green Acre? Where’s Berryfields?

And why does watching Gardener’s World finally make me blog?

That pond is looking rather good though.

Hello by the way! Sorry I’ve not been around, I’ve been very busy. But Twitter has bucked me into writing regularly again (albeit in not more than 140 characters) so I should be here more often now, with photos (as my project 360 hasn’t been touched for months now. Sigh)

New Post

It’s a new post! Hello! You see, I’ve not forgotten about you. The thing is, is that I’ve not been doing much in the way of gardening; the front of the flat is ticking over, sure, but it’s not been particularly productive. I’ve had lots of lettuce and basil, but I only managed to harvest one courgette and the beetroot was a disaster. Also all I seem to be doing these days is wedding planning. Obviously, I’ll keep you updated, but I don’t want to bore you with tears with everything that’s going on. Besides, I’ll only give everything away and Dave will only end up seeing pictures of me in my wedding dress. Also, as some of you know, I’ve also been occupied with my photo project which is harder than it looks!

I do have plans for the flat and springtime should be productive. I’ll keep you posted.

I finally caught an episode of the new series of Gardeners’ World. Toby Buckland seems pretty good I thought. He reminded me of Geoff Hamilton a little. What do you guys think? I really wish the producers would stop using Sarah Raven though. She manages to turn what could be fascinating reports into dull pieces of beige.

Some proper gardening

I’ve not really written about gardening since I gave the allotment. To be honest, I’ve not really done any gardening. But a few weeks ago, Dave and I tidied up around the front of the flat. For what it is, it’s a generous space and had planty of room for a range of decent sized containers. A few flowers were planted, including a passiflora to cover the view of the snooker club below us. It’s doing amazingly well and I think it’ll take over the entire block. It wasn’t just flowers though. We have lots of salad leaves growing nicely plus a few corgettes, beetroot and lots of basil. The picture above is of mizuna, a very nice Japanese salad leaf. There’s some more photos in my Flickr if you want to have a look (link on the right of this page). They’re a bit out of date but I’ll take some more soon.

Flighty earlier this week very generously sent me a book on composting. It’s very good! Hopefully it’ll help me make up my mind about how I want to organise my kitchen waste. So thank you, Mr. F, it’s very cool.

Now I know I said I wasn’t going to go, but I gave in. I couldn’t spend a year without it. I’m going to Glastonbury Festival. Yay! I’m quite excited. In fact I leave for the coach there in but half an hour. Unfortunately it’s forecast to rain quite heavily tomorrow. 😦 😦 Bum.


Does anyone know of a way I can do a bit of composting? Living in a flat above a shop means that the noramal route of composting means that not only do I not have the space, I don’t have any ground for a bin to sit upon. No ground, no lovely worms and wiggly creatures breaking down my food scraps. There is the option of the Bokashi bin, but that doesn’t really compost; all it does is ‘pickle’ the food ready to be dug in the ground where it continues to break down and I don’t feel I have enough pots to dig in the stuff.

There is the option of a wormery. A lovely little wormery with lovely wee worms chomping through all the lovely food I don’t eat and the odd dead head I cut off my blooms. The more I think of it, it’s the most logical composter to get. It’s small, compost can be stored until I need it, I get a nice liquid fertliser and I get lots of lovely pet worms. Only problem is, I’m not sure how much work they are. How often do these worms need to be fed? I have a tendancy to dissapear for the odd weekend. We’re also in a bit of a sun trap and during the main part of the day it can get very (read: really, really bloody) hot so I’m not entirely sure if it would be very humane to keep worms there.

Still it would be nice to have something that could look after food and small bits of garden waste. I have to admit, I can produce a fair bit of food waste which is a bad thing I know and I’m trying to cut back on that issue at the moment as that’s the priority, obviously. However, I still want a little composting thing. Any suggestions?

The first gardening post in ages. Hooray! There’s more to come too, as soon as I get the camera out.