Hello! Did you all have a lovely halloween? I did, I had the day off work and decided to be a tourist for the day. I got off at Tower Hill, walked over the bridge, watched a man repeatedly motorcycle over three old routemasters (I’ll upload a video once I can find a computer here at work that has Quicktime), wondered over to the Tate Modern and looked at Louise Bourgeois spider out the front, and Doris Salcedo’s crack in the floor of the turbine Hall. Which is just a crack in the floor of the Turbine Hall.

In the evening I met up with Dave, my sister Ju (formally known as Carrot Fly) and sometime commenter on this blog, Jen, had a few pints in the best pub in the world ever and then watch the old Hammer production of Dracula, which was awesome.

Oh, and I came up with this *amazing* joke. What do vegetarian zombies eat?


(belated) Happy Samhain!


Mildew is away

…for a couple of weeks. I’m house sitting mum and dad’s house while they go and swan around La Gomera just off of Tenerife, the lucky buggers. They have a great garden, and I shall be writing about it soon as I’ve been meaning to for ages. In the mean time have a picture of a boat, taken five minutes from the house.

Ah, it’s really quite idyllic here. I had friends stay here over the weekend and I showed them the joys of Hurst Castle, the local pubs and we stuffed ourselves with good food. Last night was my first night alone with only the cat for company and spent the night plunged into darkness as the whole street suffered a power cut. If I’m honest, it was a bit scary. I’ve lived in London too long and I’m not used to complete silence and darkness outside the house. That, and all I could think about was how zombies were going to attack the house.

And oh, my god, I’ve just seen a huge spider walk across the carpet.

I’ve been mucking about with my awesome new camera and my lovely editing software. It’s only a silly little thing, but you know, it should be quite funny too. Maybe.

More photos

Yay! I can post photos! I’m a technical wiz, me. Have a look at more!


This is at the bottom of my plot. It’s the huge pile of carpets and rubbish Thisisalloneword helped me dig out a few weeks. It’s still waiting to go down to the dump. I need a car.

garlic A shoot of garlic. It’s looking really well, unlike the broad beans which have brown patches on them and two had been dug out for some reason.


Dead slugs in frozen beer. Nice.

So, I didn’t spent too long on the allotment this morning as it was far too cold to do any kind of work there (note to self: wear warmer jumpers, warmer socks and bring gloves next time) but I did take a few snaps of things and measured the plot. Having only found a tape measure 1 meter in length, it took a while to get the dimentions (it’s 170″ x 816″. I really need to convert those figures…) but now I have them I can draw some plans up. Hoorah!

Spiders and Woodlice and Slugs! Oh my!

Last week I used an old tried and tested method of obliterating slugs which, I’m sure you know, is placing cups of beer around the garden whereupon the slimy critters smell the alcohol, say “Mmmm… beer…”, drink far too much and fall in the cup and die. I’m sure there’s some kind of metaphor in there somewhere about today’s youth and binge drinking but I’m not sure where. I was never sure how well this method would work, but boy does it. I came back four days later and the cups were teeming with them. God bless Tesco Value larger (only 2% and at 88p!). My flatmate is questioning my morality when I’ll happily get rid of slugs but I make such a fuss about using mousetraps that snaps the poor blighters heads off. Hmm.

As you can see, this is my shiny new blog. Well actually, it’s the same one but with a different address. I even kept your comments from 20six. I think it looks rather nice doesn’t it?

I’m sure there’s been something else that happened down the allotment… oh yes. Broad beans were transplanted on Friday and have since been subject to daily frosts. Sod’s law that is. I really hope they’re as hardy as they say they are.
I finally got round to clearing the shed. Now I know that spiders are a gardeners friend and an aid to organic gardening, but I still don’t like them. I respect them, I think they’re amazing creatures and that Life in the Undergrowth programme dedicated to them left me in awe, but quite frankly I’m terrified of them. Especially when they’re on my shed floor scampering about when I’m trying to tidy it. The gardening gloves were on, as were the wellies and things were picked up with the spade. A pile of about 1,000,000 woodlice were discovered in a corner and I was almost in hysterics as I tipped a box into a dustbin bag and about 20 spiders that were THIS BIG ran out. I stopped cleaning after that.