I’ve never owned a Polaroid camera, and what with them not being produced anymore, I’m not likely too either. Which is a shame really as there’s something lovely about the look of the photos produced. But have no fear, for there is a smart piece of freeware available on the net to play with. Poladroid converts  your photos into a lovely polaroid looking jpegs complete with the warm colouring and the waiting for the picture to develop. It’s really worth downloading. Even crappy mundane photos like mine look good after being transformed!


4 Responses

  1. Hi mate – do you not get into SL or L4D any more?

    If you get to SL, come see my flea circus show (really! fleas!)

    Hope you and Dave are doing mighty fine 🙂

  2. Burro! Fraid I deleted SL, it was using up valuable hard drive space on the laptop and I just didn’t use it enough. I am still on L4D though, I’m Cornybeard on there. Come and find me (I’m rubbish though). By the way, have you seen the news about L4D2? The teaser trailer looks super sweet.

  3. Very, very cool! I just sent the link to some art director friends. And your cat photo is neither crappy nor mundane.

  4. hehe loved the kitty 🙂

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