lots and lots

The front of the flat is looking *amazing*. Had a bit of a tidy up and re-potted a few things and planted a few herb seeds. It’s all looking good, especially the veg. I’m not sure whether it’s the weather or me just being a little more vigilant this year, but this really has been the best year outside the flat so far. Which is nice. Can’t show you any pictures because I’ve not taken any, but I shall try and get on with that tonight.

In other news, I turned 30 over the weekend.


2 Responses

  1. It’s sounds like you’re having a good year gardening wise!
    Belated happy birthday! I’m sure that you celebrated it in style and got lots of cards and presents. xx

  2. Hi mate – do you not get into SL or L4D any more?

    If you get to SL, come see my flea circus show (really! fleas!)

    Hope you and Dave are doing mighty fine 🙂

    p.s. It’s me, btw 😀

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