Roast shoulder of Lamb

Once again I’m neglecting this blog, despite my new year resolutions. I have been cooking though (a bit) and exercising (a teeny tiny bit) and taking a couple of photos (but not as many as I should) and combined all three a couple of Sundays ago when I visited the Alexandra Palace farmers market. It’s a great market, being -2 in January there were not as many stalls as there should be, but I did manage to get a lovely looking rabbit and leek pie, some Jerusalem artichokes, chocolate cake, beautiful thick smokey bacon and fresh bread. It was all fairly reasonably priced too (which the exception of the bread which was a stonking £3 for an average tasting loaf), but the bargain of the day was a fine shoulder of lamb for £5.  It’s not often I get a big joint of meat (read: never) so it seems appropriate that I should make a special meal out of it.

Shoulder of lamb takes a while for it to cook. This shoulder was fairly small so only took two and a half hours, but it’s best to keep an eye over it and see how it’s doing. You know it’s done when the meat falls of the bone like this:

But I’m getting ahead of myself. First, start of with some nice herbs, a handful of rosemary (with the leaves taken off the stem and chopped), chopped thyme, sage, some dried oregano and the contents of about four camnomille tea bags.

Together with some salt and pepper, rub the mixture all over the lamb along with a drizzel of olive oil and honey. Pop the joint in a heavy casserole dish (Mum and Dad gave me a lovely, lovely Le Creuset dish for Christmas which is perfect for this kind of meal) and add about 200ml of water to keep the whole thing moist.

Put into an oven at about 175º and like I said before, keep an eye on it for the next couple of hours and add a little water if it get too dry. Also, I’d give it a little baste once in a while too; I didn’t and it took two days of soaking and scrubbing to get my dish clean. Take heed!

We ate the lamb with some potato and Jerusalam artichoke mash and it was lovely, the perfect meal for a cold, dark January evening.


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  1. Ooooo, I likes the look of that!

    Now, when am I ever going to see you in Left4Dead – at least pass on your name in there, or befriend me: HBA (UK)

    We’ve got some zombies to stop!

    p.s. Come back into SL soon and see my flea circus show!

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