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It’s a new post! Hello! You see, I’ve not forgotten about you. The thing is, is that I’ve not been doing much in the way of gardening; the front of the flat is ticking over, sure, but it’s not been particularly productive. I’ve had lots of lettuce and basil, but I only managed to harvest one courgette and the beetroot was a disaster. Also all I seem to be doing these days is wedding planning. Obviously, I’ll keep you updated, but I don’t want to bore you with tears with everything that’s going on. Besides, I’ll only give everything away and Dave will only end up seeing pictures of me in my wedding dress. Also, as some of you know, I’ve also been occupied with my photo project which is harder than it looks!

I do have plans for the flat and springtime should be productive. I’ll keep you posted.

I finally caught an episode of the new series of Gardeners’ World. Toby Buckland seems pretty good I thought. He reminded me of Geoff Hamilton a little. What do you guys think? I really wish the producers would stop using Sarah Raven though. She manages to turn what could be fascinating reports into dull pieces of beige.

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  1. Glad to see you back, even if it is only a brief sojourn from the World-Wide-Wedding-Web !

    Toby Buckland is rather poor IMHO… He lacks the neccesary gravitas to replace a Don, or a Hamilton; and he also has a most annoying whiney voice.

    Totally agree with the Sarah Raven comment though. There ought to be a picture of her in the dictionary under “supercillious”…not to mention “dull”.

    And quite what the affectated, art-studenty obsession with gardening in big skirts is all about I haven’t got a clue!

    But in the interests of editorial balance, I ought to give a “big up!” to Alys Fowler though. She’s the best new discovery Gardening TV for quite a while I think… She comes across as friendly, uncomplicated, knowledgaeble and yet naively enthusiastic – just like the rest of us; but without the “Proffesional Presenter” ego.

    ……..She’s also quite easy on the eye, and could earth up my spuds any time, so I may possibly be biased of course !


  2. Hello! I thought that you’d given up this blog for good.
    It’s been a really poor year for gardening thanks to the generally miserable weather.
    I think that Toby Buckland was a good choice for Gardener’s World. I’m sure that he’ll grow into the job. xx

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