Proper food soon! Joy! I love courgette flowers, so pretty and tasty. The flowers on this particular plant are all double, is that usual? I’ve certanily never seen it before.

5 Responses

  1. They look good! I’ve never grown them so I don’t know if that’s usual or not! xx

  2. All mine shrivelled and died – it’s been a bleak year here at the paddock 😦

  3. I’ve just picked a couple! What happened to these ones? xx

  4. Burro! That’s a shame matey, better luck next year maybe?

    I have one courgette. Just one. Which I plan on taking a photo of tonight . It’s looking pretty good though.

  5. I’ve had several double courgette flowers this year, which I’ve not had before. They’re all males so far, apart from one single female, so no courgette gluts for me this year 😦

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