Is that all there is?

In one of the pots outside that flat, are three fine looking beetroot. Unfortunatly upon closer inspection, they’re not very good at all. Also, they’re covered in little aphi/bug things. Anyone know what they are and why has the beetroot not gorn any bulbs? They’ve got plenty of space to grow and I can’t understan why they’ve done this. Or do they simply need to grow a bit more?

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  1. Hmmm – should be ready about 9/10 weeks after planting.
    Leaves look ok so I can only assume that you have angered the God of Beetroot at sometime.
    Aphids will make the leaves curl like that but don’t know if they do owt to the roots… any little caterpillar things?

  2. I had the same thing with beetroot in tubs last year.

    Looked healthy, plenty of leaf, water and space, but no end product.

    I came to the conclusion that they don’t like growing in light multi-purpose compost…. I think they need a proper heavy soil in order to flourish.

    What are yours growing in?


  3. I know that aphids suck the sap, but they shouldn’t affect the roots. They’re just a bit of a pain in the arse. They are growing in compost! Must be too rich for them then. Shame, I was looking forward to some roast beetroot for my dinner. Oh well.

  4. I can’t see anything like that mentioned in my gardening books.
    If you still have some seed try again, and keep your fingers crossed! xx

  5. That’s what all my crops look like this year. Sigh.

  6. Beetroot is yuck anyway. Grow turnips/swede instead – yum!

  7. […] I’ve had lots of lettuce and basil, but I only managed to harvest one courgette and the beetroot was a disaster. Also all I seem to be doing these days is wedding planning. Obviously, I’ll keep you […]

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