Some proper gardening

I’ve not really written about gardening since I gave the allotment. To be honest, I’ve not really done any gardening. But a few weeks ago, Dave and I tidied up around the front of the flat. For what it is, it’s a generous space and had planty of room for a range of decent sized containers. A few flowers were planted, including a passiflora to cover the view of the snooker club below us. It’s doing amazingly well and I think it’ll take over the entire block. It wasn’t just flowers though. We have lots of salad leaves growing nicely plus a few corgettes, beetroot and lots of basil. The picture above is of mizuna, a very nice Japanese salad leaf. There’s some more photos in my Flickr if you want to have a look (link on the right of this page). They’re a bit out of date but I’ll take some more soon.

Flighty earlier this week very generously sent me a book on composting. It’s very good! Hopefully it’ll help me make up my mind about how I want to organise my kitchen waste. So thank you, Mr. F, it’s very cool.

Now I know I said I wasn’t going to go, but I gave in. I couldn’t spend a year without it. I’m going to Glastonbury Festival. Yay! I’m quite excited. In fact I leave for the coach there in but half an hour. Unfortunately it’s forecast to rain quite heavily tomorrow. 😦 😦 Bum.


One Response

  1. Good to see that you’re still gardening one way or another!
    You’re most welcome! I hope that the book proves both interesting and useful. Thanks for the linked mention.
    I hope that you’re enjoying the Festival, and it’s not to boggy and soggy! xx

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