It was my birthday last week. To help commiserate my last year in my twenties, flatmate Jen took me to dinner. Wahaca to be precise, a Mexican restaurant in Covent Garden run by Masterchef winner Thomasina Mier. It has an ethos very close to this blog’s heart; food is locally sourced and of good quality and follow the seasons. Cocktails are good and contain a decent amount of booze without being overpowering. I had a hibiscus flower margareta which a perfect summers day drink. The food was delicious, it was my first time eating proper Mexican (ie, not having anything other than that El Paso crap)  and we’re definitely be going back there again. If you find yourself in the area you should too! The lovely thing about this place is at the end of your meal. Rather than recieving mints with your bill you get chilli seeds and instructions on how to grow them. More places should do this methinks.


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  1. A happy, if somewhat belated, birthday! You obviously had a good time, and getting some chilli seeds like that is different!
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend. xx

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