News from Iceland

Well Iceland was very nice indeed. Bloody cold, but very cool (if you’ll excuse the bad pun). Iceland had been getting the worse snow storms for thirty years so Dave and I had fun playing around in the snow, walking through blizzards and trying not to slip and break our ankles on the ice. Reykjavik is a great little city if unbelievably expensive (it was about £18 for a pint of beer and a vodka and lemonade!). We didn’t see much of it as our Saturday was spent on a tour visiting waterfalls and geysers and on Friday it was raining so hard we couldn’t really go out. The highlight was the Blue Lagoon. A total tourist trap, yes, but totally worth it. There’s something quite magical about sitting in what feels like a hot bath with this milky water around you surrounded by big clumps of lava with a blizzard blowing. It’s worth visiting Iceland just for the Lagoon. Here’s some photos!

That’s the Blue Lagoon. Awesome isn’t it? This is a cold Dave:


I know I said the Blue Lagoon was the best thing of the weekend, but actually it was the second best. The best thing that happened over the weekend was Dave proposing. Obviously I said yes. Yay! We’re getting married! *cue girly screaming and jumping round the room*


10 Responses

  1. Congratulations! You’ll certainly remember that weekend!
    I knew that it was expensive but at those prices I’m glad that I don’t drink.

  2. Congrats Char and Dave!!!!!! Hope we can meet up for celebratory pint down the Posts! xxx

  3. Congratulations to you both! You obviously found some way to keep warm then…

  4. ahhhh, congrats on your engagement

  5. Nice one my lovelies!!!!! I hope we can meet for a celebratory pint down the Posts soon? x

  6. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  7. It is indeed fantastic news. I’m very pleased for you both. Come down soon and we’ll celebrate!! xx

    p.s. Iceland does look amazing.

  8. Awwww thanks fantastic news mate! Of course I shall have to call Dave out for a duel now…

    … O. My wife says I can’t. Damn.

    Good man, Dave!!!

  9. that looks like it’s freezing….

  10. Ooooo. Congratsalot. I have wanted to visit Iceland for years and years but not managed it. I’ve just got to one day….any tips?

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