Gosh, it’s been a while since I’ve written anything of any worth here. So what have I done since I last wrote? Well there was NYE, which was spent sitting on the harbour watching the amazing fireworks (at midnight they came from all over, from the bridge, all along the harbour and all the skyscrapers) and the next day there was a trip to the Blue Mountains which were beautiful. I didn’t spend too long there unfortunately, but they’re beautiful and the mountains really are blue. Not a bright blue, just faint enough to make all your photos look slightly over exposed. I went on the steepest railway in the world (the steepest part is 51°) which felt like falling over and a walk in one of the valleys, which was lush and lovely (all at Scenic World. You’d think they’d come up with a better name than that wouldn’t you?). The area is huge though and you need a couple of days at least to explore.

Those were my last two days on the east side of Australia and it’s a shame to say goodbye, there’s so much I haven’t seen or done yet. But on to pastures new and to West Australia. It’s lovely! Perth is very clean and sunny and very hot. On my first day here and I was sitting outside in the shade next to the hostel, it felt like I was in the Tube in the middle of rush hour in August it was so muggy. The next day it reached 42°C. The first day I ended up inside the Western Australian Museum, just because it had very good air conditioning. It’s displays were very good and and it has a lovely shady cafe and it’s worth a visit, but the air con was really first rate.

Other things I have done in Perth:

  • Looked at lots of shiny gold in the Perth Mint. Apparently my worth in weight in gold is over $2,000,000.
  • Walked around Kings Park which is the largest park in a city in the world. It’s an amazing park with loads of bushland. I saw a nightjar (or a frog mouth, I’m not sure what it was as it was a bit far away and my bird watching skills are rubbish)
  • Travelled round on the excellent CAT service that’s a free bus system that moves around the centre of Perth.
  • Visited Freemantle and had a few beers in Little Creatures that brews it’s very nice beers right there in the pub.
  • Went to the WACA and watched the Perth Warriors beat Victoria in an excellent game of 20twenty cricket.
  • Saw Matt and Paula get married, obvisiouly. It was a lovely wedding, Paula looked beautiful and the ceremony was in the most beautiful botanical gardens which was about a hour outside of Perth.
  • Watched the sun set from Cottesloe beach. It was very windy and the waves were terrific and not only did we get the view of a lovely sunset, but the sight of hundreds of parrots coming into roost.
  • Looked at lots of fish in the aquarium. it was alright, slightly overprices, but the seals were cute.
  • Had a ride in a speedboat along the Swan River and got completly soaked.
  • Visited Rottnest Island and saw a few cute quokkas and swam in crystal clear waters on a deserted beach.

I think this might be my last post in Oz! That makes me sad. It’s been an awesome trip (although it’s not over yet and I’m sure I’ll keep you updated whith what else I get up to). I’ve just uploaded lots of photos to Flickr too, so go and have a look.


5 Responses

  1. Good to see that you’re enjoying yourself. Take care.

  2. Instead of a bukket, I want one of a nightjar (or frog mouth)! PLEASE?!

  3. That was the most mangled sentence ever.

  4. As we’ve not heard from you for a while I do hope that you’ve not gone walkabout! Take care.

  5. Come back soon! We miss you! And if you join SL, I have some Robot Talking Chicken Lips for you 😉

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