Merry Christmas!

Just a quick message to wish you all a merry Christmas. Hope you all have a great time. Here’s my gift to you: a nice picture of the 12 Apostles.

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  1. That’s a terrific picture! It’s raining here in London this Christmas Day morning you’ll be pleased to know!

  2. and a Merry Christmas to you an’ all.
    Just got back from walking round Hengesbury Head where its not at all cold and windy – disappointing for a Boxing Day walk which should entail a force 9 gale, hail and sub zero temperatures – never mind.
    Saw Steve, John and the 4 Ingram’s round Fox’s on Christmas Eve which was really nice and said that I would give Sallie my email address here; – because I can’t text or use my phone much round here (as you know).

    Hopefully Dave reads this as well! If he does then he can find out that you siad about Franks thing for New Years and he can let me know if its cool for me to pop along…

    Sorry for using your blog as a meeting board! See you next week,



  3. I’m not jealous! Actually, I’m at work and really bored, so I am totally jealous. Totally.

  4. Happy Christmas young Charwee!! Great talking to you on Christmas morning. I was amazed at how much you had to pay to go up Sydney Harbour bridge but what an experience you had – amazing.

    Speak soon. Ma xx

  5. Ma! What are you doing on my account? Sign me out! But thanks for the comments everyone.


  6. Oh! Sorry about that – how did that happen? Anyway, hope you are OK and still enjoying Ozzieland. Won’t be too long now until you can enjoy a single room of your own for a while – bet you’re looking forward to that!

    Bye for now. Love Ma xx

  7. Totally!

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