On food at a party

We had a bit of a do last night, a Halloween party with fancy dress, dodgy cocktails and lots of nice food and it’s the food I want to talk about today. Oh yes, I cooked a lot of food, all surprisingly good, although I failed to take many photos, probably due to the dodgy cocktails.

First up was the pumpkin soup. It’s really easy and quick to make. Simply get a couple of onions and celery, chop roughly and sweat off in a pan with a bit of butter along with pieces of pumpkin. Cover with water and cook until all the veg is soft. Blitz and add salt, pepper, a grating of nutmeg and a dash of double cream.

Pork was next. Dice some shoulder of pork and brown off in a pan with some chopped onion and leeks. Add a bit of flour then cider and water and cook for about half an hour before adding thick slices of brambly apple. It’s a really lovely dish this. Leave it cooking for a few hours so the pork gets really soft. It’s proper autumnal comfort food, this, absolutely perfect for eating in a bowl and standing outside the flat watching other people’s fireworks go off. I can’t help thinking that it it would be lovely to have some dumplings in there too.

Also on the menu was black pasta with red pesto, red peppers and button mushrooms. Also known as giant spider legs with spider poo, blood and devil’s tears if you want the proper Halloween name. Here’s a photo!

It looks pretty horrific I know, but it’s actually quite tasty, honest.

Also, for a quick snack are these lovely edible eyeballs:

These are just tinned lychees with pitted black cherries inserted in them, but they look real, especially in candlelight.

Anyway, the party was a success more or less. Dave did his best impression of Grandad from the Munsters and the various pumpkin carvings Julia did were awesome. There are some photos here if you fancy looking at blurry pictures of my living room. I will show you this shot of Dave though because it’s fricking awesome.

(also, also I’ve finally got my visa and travel insurance for Australia. Less than six weeks to go!  I’m so excited I may actually literally explode)


2 Responses

  1. Good to see that you had a really good time, and that last photo is brilliant.
    I do hope that you haven’t exploded! Just think about the mess it would make and pity the person who would have to clear you up!

  2. That pork dish sounds great – had diced pork stewed in cider a few weeks ago. Excellent. Next time I’ll add apples and see.

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