Inspired by Burro’s frankly hilarious email he got in work, here’s one I got the other day in my work inbox. You may have heard about it it made the news. If you heard the sound of thunder coming from the direction of London last Tuesday, it was actually the sound of 2000 House of Commons employees banging their heads against their desks.

Before the recess the Speaker approved the Administration Committee’s recommendation that Members should have priority access to services throughout the Commons part of the Parliamentary Estate.

With effect from today, staff and other users should be prepared to give way to Members when queuing for retail and catering services, the post office, travel office or when using other facilities such as lifts, photocopiers, telephone cubicles, etc.

When using parliamentary facilities, please bear in mind whether there is, or is likely to be, a heavy demand from Members and, if so, try to amend your own plans or schedule.


6 Responses

  1. Hi mate! Welcome back (and nice to know you too are mere prol like I – an inconvenient obstacle to those great and better people around you who really need a ham salad sarnie and copy of Razzle more than you. Remember… there is no such thing as society.

    Anyhoo – hope you had a great break – let me know what you make of that Murder in Babbage story I sent you in the last post.


  2. Quite right too. We can’t have the Honourable Members being held up by the likes of you!

  3. Burro. Break was lovely thank you, seems like it was an age ago, but I’m off to Oz for the big trip in less than two months so I can’t complain really (and concidering the amount I get off full stop, I can’t complain full stop). Really enjoying Murder in babbage. It’s taking me an age to read though because i’m easily distracted in the interne… oh! I’ve found some chocolate!… but it’s making me want to give SL another go. I want to wear a Victorian dress!

    Peter. You’ll regret saying that. You are now first on my list of who to kill in the game this weekend, fool!

  4. Come back in and see my island!!!! Look in the Babbage comments for a link to my “other blog of which I do not speak. Or link”

  5. I have looked at Blog the Unspeakable and like it very much. Have decided to rejoin SL once I have mastered Photoshop and Illustrator. I may be some time.

    oh by the way Burro. I still have a copy of that Shatner CD for you, let me know where to post it

  6. Yay!!!!! You’ll love it! You must contact me once you are inworld and I’ll show you some great groups and places.

    And I’d forgotten entirely about the The Shat! I’ll email you my address tonight matey 🙂

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