Mildew is away

…for a couple of weeks. I’m house sitting mum and dad’s house while they go and swan around La Gomera just off of Tenerife, the lucky buggers. They have a great garden, and I shall be writing about it soon as I’ve been meaning to for ages. In the mean time have a picture of a boat, taken five minutes from the house.

Ah, it’s really quite idyllic here. I had friends stay here over the weekend and I showed them the joys of Hurst Castle, the local pubs and we stuffed ourselves with good food. Last night was my first night alone with only the cat for company and spent the night plunged into darkness as the whole street suffered a power cut. If I’m honest, it was a bit scary. I’ve lived in London too long and I’m not used to complete silence and darkness outside the house. That, and all I could think about was how zombies were going to attack the house.

And oh, my god, I’ve just seen a huge spider walk across the carpet.

I’ve been mucking about with my awesome new camera and my lovely editing software. It’s only a silly little thing, but you know, it should be quite funny too. Maybe.


2 Responses

  1. I think that you’re lucky too! I’m sure that you’ll make the most of it.
    Like you I’m used to light and noise at night, so always find it hard to sleep where there isn’t any.
    I look forward to reading about the great garden.
    It’s the time of year for spiders, I’ve seen one or two big ones lately.

  2. Top vid, young lady! Bravo! I must get back to doing more Wild Burro TV soon – and adding music is the way to go!

    p.s. Zombies… you are right to be scared… Blue Tounge disease? Foot & Mouth? Start joining the dots and you’ll see it’s the Government cover up we were warned about in the Zombie Survival Guide!

    p.p.s. Here a little fun reading to keep you occupied: – this is the first post, read all the ones following it. And remember, that storyline is not created by the company, but by ordinary peeops like youse and mees. And there are loads of them going on all the time!

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