The zombies are coming!

5 Responses

  1. I told Dave about this article yesterday and he didn’t believe me! It’s moon fungus!

  2. I heard this on the radio and immediately thought the same thing. I went over the rough procedures with the the mistress, but she didn’t really listen as she thinks I’m loopy, but you’ve got have a plan…

  3. I saw this as well, but was thinking Spawn of Azathoth. OK, you’ve probably no idea what Im on about. Ask Dave.

  4. Yeah, Dave keeps saying you have to have a plan. He’s one of those people who’ll work out what to do when the zombies come in every new place he goes to. He had a lot of fun at Glastonbury Fest…

    Peter, I’m guessing it’s Cthulhu related. I’ve just googled it. It seems to be a RPG game, right? Can’t work out what the story is. I’ll ask Dave.

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