Gardener’s World…

…is back on our screens tonight after their summer break, hurrah! If there’s one thing that actually gets me motivated and doing, it’s that programme.

But that means I’ve managed to miss all the GW specials that were broadcast over the summer. Which is a shame as they’re worth a watch even if they do pale in comparison to the proper programme. I caught one, actually. I switched it on and mistakenly thought I was watching a Nigella show when in fact it was Rachael De Thame talking about so called super foods. Surprise, surprise, locally grown food and a varied diet is just as good for us as eating exotic foods imported from halfway around the world. Anyway, I have a question. Did any of you catch the specials? One in particular, actually. Joe Swift presented and it was about gardens in urban areas and brown field sites. If one of you caught it, could you tell me if they used a bit of footage from the House of Commons? I was the one who supplied the footage to them you see and I’d like to know if it was shown. In all my years of sending out clips of PMQs and public accounts committees to Dispatches and Tonight on Trevor McDonald and other news programmes and documentaries, I have never been so pleased and excited to be pressing play and record buttons at the same time before.

Also, and I’m fairly sure you all know about this before, but the GW website has a fantastic blog written by Berryfields’ head gardener. Needless to say, I’m insanely jealous of her. She’s too pretty, has the most amazing job and trained at the most amazing places. Bah.


2 Responses

  1. You Monty doesn’t do it all himself!!!………My illusions are shattered.!

    The chicanery these BBC people will resort to these days is a disgrace. Life was so much better when they just stuck fixing the result of Blue Peter phone-ins.

  2. I watched some of the specials, and did entries about them, but missed this one! I did see the Joe Swift one but I’m sorry to say that I can’t remember if your footage was included.
    I’ve always been a Gardener’s World fan, and also look at the website and blog.

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