There are times, I hope you’ll agree, when your fridge seems full of vegetables that you’re not actually going to use for your dinner. They may have got a little floppy, maybe a bit mushy, perhaps have a few black bits on them. They’re a little too old to use as fresh vegetables. There is a way to avoid wastage or composting my friends. The answer is soup. Pure, lovely, warming soup. I made some last Friday and am still eating it now. Normally my soup is rubbish – it’s bland and tends to turn a funny brown colour. But not this time. I’ve made a nice soup and I’m going to share you my top secret soup recipe (and keep it for posterity so I don’t make another crappy soup again.) I name my soup…

These vegetables aren’t mouldy yet, but they’re getting there soup

The picture doesn't give the soup justice. It's actually a lovely forest green colour

To make this soup, you need vegetables. I used:

Onions so old I had to wear my snorkeling goggles for fear of crying out all my bodily fluids
Carrots (actually quite fresh)
3 peppers where the other half for all of them had been used a while back and the remaining edges had that weird rubbery texture
Cauliflower, with the black spots taken off
Parsley – I used lots and lots of this. I’m sure parsley grows in my fridge, I don’t ever recall buying the stuff…

Chop your vegetables into largish chunks. Heat a nice big pan up with some butter and add the onions, celery, carrots and peppers. Cook for about ten minutes with some arrabbiata spices. Add the rest of the vegetables and give a quick stir and cook for another few minutes. Then cover the veg in water. But don’t use too much water. I used enough water to cover most of the veg, but there was still the odd florette poking out into the air. Simmer until all the veg has been cooked nicely. Add lots of salt and pepper. Blitz until it’s almost smooth. Stir in a bit of single cream. Eat with warm bread and butter, preferably sitting in a comfy sofa with a good book, a cup of tea (I recommend Roobios tea) and watch the rain fall outside.




5 Responses

  1. That sounds like my home catering when I’m sofa flying and book browsing ! The only difference is that the soup is usually out of a tin.

  2. Nice ‘un. It’s also a good trick to have some black magic beans in there – they’re jet black and an inch long – so that unwary soup recipients splutter all over the place and shout “what the hell’s that”. If you’re really clever you can say “watch out for the slugs” just as they find the first one.

  3. I once had to eat many bowls* of bright pink soup as the mistress had blended several fresh beetroot in.

    It tasted fine, but nothing convinces the brain it is being poisoned more than pink food. Yuk.

    * Not all at once. The agony went one and on. It included a war of will over the remaining frozen potion.

  4. Flighty: You should try making your own, you can’t beat it.

    Hedgewizard: That’s a brilliant, brilliant idea. I may actually have to try that one day.

    Burro: Firstly, I read that as you had to eat many bowels. Stupid dyslexia. Secondly, I think you could be onto something… Barbie branded pink soup. You’d make a fortune!

  5. I might just do that! If I do I’ll let you know how I get on via an entry on FlightPlot.

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