Do you ever have those moments where you pack something somewhere really well, usually along with the thought “that’ll keep it safe” and invariably tidy it away so well you forget where you’ve put it, with the growing fear you’ve actually lost the item forever?

This is what has happened with my sacatures (which is annoying as I wanted to prune my rose I rescued from the allotment tonight) and, more worryingly, my passport, which I could have sworn was in my knicker basket. It was definitely there in the old flat and now I can’t find it. I managed to make myself late for work today because when I suddenly get a thought through my head that goes along the lines of “I wonder if it’s in that box…” there’s some kind of OCD compulsion that means that I absolutely have to check that box. It’s a pain in the arse. I have just left the laptop for half an hour to check a couple of bags. It wasn’t there. What I did find were two years worth of mobile phone bills, four boxes of shoe polish stolen from my hotel room while on holiday in Tenerife four years ago, ten year old make up, a massive bag of candles, two copies of Super Monkey Ball for the DS and a bag of chocolate fudge that a friend bought over from New York in May last year.

I think it’s time for a clear out.

EDIT. After finding my entire Gardener’s World magazine collection, ten copies of Pagan Dawn from five years ago, even more old make up and all my birthday cards from the last three years, I finally found my passport, safely in the rucksack I still hadn’t unpacked from moving here, ensconced in piles of socks I thought I got rid of years ago. Now where shall I put it away?


5 Responses

  1. Brilliant. Now for your next trick, can you figure out where my toenail clippers are? I haven’t seen them for weeks and I’m starting to have trouble getting my shoes on.

  2. Mil – If you need a hand going through that knicker drawer, just let me know 😉

    Beany – I had the same problem recentlt – I have lovely feet (even if I do say so myself) with strong nails that require good quality clippers (all that milk I drank as a kid). Mrs Burro had lost them. Again.

  3. Actually we’ve got about five toenail clippers for some reason so if neither of you can find yours I’ll happily send you up one (only for me to misplace the other three…)

    **note to self. Passport is back in the pants basket.**

  4. Damn You FlirtBurro, keep your mitts, eyeballs and brain away from my womans knicker drawer!

  5. Damn! Foiled again!

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