I’m tired. I’ve only had two hours sleep these past 24 hours. My voice is screwed and I’m all achy. And I’m at work. Bummer, huh? Anyway, I’m doing my best to avoid all work and while I make yet another coffee, why don’t you rate your blog? It turns out that this here blog is a family friendly G rating because I’ve only used one slightly naughty word: crappy. I wonder if I can get it any higher? Bum! Poo! Willy! On the edge blogging me thinks.

And mainly for the entertainment of Dave and Mr. Burro, here is the What Are Your Chances of Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse? quiz. I’m a rubbish 25%, so expect me to be shambling very soon. Scores in the comment box please.


8 Responses

  1. 70% me, i reckon living in a huge city takes my chances down by loads…plus foolishly wanting to at least check on my family to see if theyre zommers

  2. I managed a paltry 45% !!!

  3. I got a poor 41%. Mainly, as Dave says, cos I went after loved ones and to the aid of strangers. I’m a fool to myself, I am 😀

  4. I only got 36% so clearly it must be faulty!

    Mind you, to get a good score you appear to need prepared to abandon your relatives and others to their fates, own firearms, and to have stockpiled food like some kind of survivalist nutter waiting for the end of civilisaion – I’m happy to be at the lower scoring end! 🙂

  5. Its all relative though isnt it? would i shoot a loved one zombie? if they were trying to tear my throat out deffo, if they were wandering 100 ft away then no. Would i try to save family members? next room sure, 200 miles away in the worst zombie plagued area ever? a resounding HELL NO!

  6. I agree! That quiz is flawed! I demand they re-write it so I come out in the high 80s at least.

  7. Oh dear! Only 26% for me – I’m afraid I wouldn’t last very long 😦

  8. Well you’re all better than me…

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