I’ve got my Glasto ticket! Well, I got the coach ticket to get there. And I don’t get my actual ticket until I’m on the coach travelling down to the site. It’s got to the point now where I don’t care about the fact I’m leaving at 5 in the afternoon from London*, I’m just excited I’m going. And the last few Glastos I couldn’t leave for the site until Thursday evening so an extra 24hrs is nice!

Oh, goddess, it’s going to be amazing. Greenmantle, I think you’re right. It’s going to piss it down. But I don’t care, I’ve got my walking boots and gators. And waterproof trousers (which are perfect of you happen to slip and fall over in the mud on the way to the dance tent. Ahem).

Even the lineup is quite good. If you like xfm shenanigans that is, which I’ve grown out of. But Bill Bailey! The Aliens! Pendulum! DJ Yoda! Guilty Pleasures! And I’ll miss them all because I’ll be watching the sun rise on the Solstice in the stone cicle!

I’m going for a sit down and have a gaze at this. I can’t take the excitement much more.

*there seems to be an awful lot of us leaving at that time. I hope it’s organised well enough so we find out what coach we’re on and leave on time. But then I suppose that’s why we’ve been asked to arrive 30 mins before the departure time. I bet you some eegit turns up at 5 and holds us all up. Grrr.

Oh, I write something gardening related soon. But first I have to go to the dentist for the first time in eight years. Eeep!


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  1. Rather you than me, mate but have a bloodt good time nonetheless :)x

  2. Oh, I will, oh I will. Don’t you worry about that.

    As long as I don’t get flooded out again like what happened in 05. *sigh*

  3. Eight years?! I have my fingers crossed for the miracle of no cavities!

  4. That last comment was from me, by the way (using the game blogs’ name). Why did it have to moderated? Do you not like me anymore?!

  5. Jen, I love you! It’s just that I’m getting terrible trouble with spammers with this blog so everything needs to be moderated as I can’t put up any kind of plug ins to help combat it. Humph.

    And the dentist was fine. A lovely chap actually. Need a couple of fillings though. 😦

  6. Yeah! a fellow allotmenteer that is coaching it to Glasto! So excited!! I’m leaving from Coventry even though I live in Chester. Oh well at least I won’t be spending all of Monday in a traffic jam…here’s to watching the sunrise.

  7. Lisa, it’s going to be awesome. Have a brilliant one and hope your coach times were what you were wanting. If they have it this year, have a look at the Permaculture garden in the Green Fields, I found it really inspireing and the best place to chill out in the whole site. Don’t tell anyone about it though, it’s very quiet with only a handful of people wandering about in there. Also, they do a smashing cup of tea in the little cafe they have.

  8. Whatever else you do, you should make sure you see the Killers. They put on a *great* live show!

  9. Do I have to? I saw them in 05 and they were *meh*. dispite getting Burton to direct a video for them, they’re still quite dull, IMO.

    Hang on, you were being sarcastic! God, i’m slow today.

  10. Ha! I wasn’t being sarcastic, actually. I saw them in…’05 also I think, in New York, and they were really good (before that I’d only heard one song of theirs and thought it was ok). But if it don’t float your boat, no worries.

  11. M – I heard a good story about a guy who lives in sumerset who’s mates got him a coach ticket… from Rugby. So even though he lives 30m from Pilton he has to make a massive detour. ho ho.

    i’m looking forward to camping in a river again and throughing myself upon the mercy of the cow shed posse.

    If you are bored can you plan a virtual festival with all the bands having allotment connections – I quite like The Rakes, they can play…

  12. Oh, and Shed Seven…

  13. What about the Hot House Flowers or Supergrass? Maybe Stone Roses!

  14. I think that Hot House Flowers are playing this year – though I think I’ll be elsewhere…

    Smashing Pumpkins?

  15. Bill Bailey was there last year? Argh! (Lost in Glastonness I think!)

    Going this year? Can’t wait for Glasto, it’ll be my 10th this year (and 30th birthday!) I don’t care if Jay-Z or The Wombles are headlining… it’s Glastonbury!

    I’m trying to create a complete (as possible) archive of Glastonbury Festival video footage at (Please stop by, watch some vids, relive your memories and give us your thoughts!)

    Take it easy….
    Si (counting down the days!)

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