peas and beans

Because I’m rubbish and have grown virtually nothing this year, I’ve decided to buy some vegetable plug plants courtesy of mail order and the internet. It’s almost too easy to get carried away. £3.49 for 22 plants isn’t cheap but it’s not bad either and I could have bought a whole load more, but luckily a rare thing happened to me. I controlled my spending addiction. I purchased some mange tout, purple podded peas and some borlotti beans (because my harvest of borlotti beans was so successful last year. Two pods and precisely four beans. Yay my growing skills!). I could have bought some salad leaves too, but I flat out refuse to spend that amount of money on them when they’re so easy to grow from seed. Plus I won’t actually eat them and just have them bolt like I did the last time I grew salad.

I got my plants from Crocus, a company I’ve not bought from before but have heard many good things about them. And they really are good. My order arrived four days after buying them, well packed and in really good condition. In fact they were almost too well packed. They arrived in a massive box, about a metre cubed in size, with the two (small) trays inserted into another smaller box inside. Now it’s good that this ensures that the plants arrive safely, but it is a little over the top. What made it worse is that I had the box delivered to my work, which made the journey home on the tube in rush hour very interesting!

All in all, it was worth doing and will no doubt be doing again. Except that I’ll get stuff deliverd to my home next time.

Mail order plants. Gardening for lazy people.

Peas! The only veg Dave will eat.

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  1. I suppose that the cool and damp weather today is somewhat of a mixed blessing for allotmenteers!
    I’m in the throes of trying to get an allotment of my own at long last. When I do I think that I’ll doing a new blog, probably here on WordPress, all about it.
    Enjoy the rest of the long weekend, despite the weather.

  2. Yeah, I was planning on going up to the allotment today but even though the rain’s stopped the soil will be too sticky to work on it. Let’s hope it’ll stay dry until tomorrow…

    Good luck in your attempt in getting a lottie! You won’t regret getting one. Keep me posted on how you get along.

  3. Not ‘lazy’ – ‘time poor’!

  4. Well I suppose time poor is one way of putting it. If by time poor you mean not having the time to do anything because you’ve spent too long lounging on the sofa bed playing Crackdown…

  5. Could be worse – you could be on a sofa in a crack den 🙂

  6. I have a confession to make. I too have bought ready grown seedlings, but from a gardebn centre not mail order. I have to say, it made me feel sort of dirty inside. Where do you draw the line? Maybe next year you’ll buy established plants, and the year after that [whispers] veg from the supermarket. Before you know it you’ll be bbuying little shrink-wrapped trays of mange tout from M&S in December and then where will you be? JUST SAY NO!

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