I’ve just been shopping in the brand new Primark in Oxford St. It’s wonderful! You have to get there first thing in the morning though otherwise it gets jam packed. I bought a couple of skirts of which style wise I’ve been looking for for ages. One was ten pounds and the other three. Three quid for a skirt! It’s a bargain no doubt, but I can’t help wondering who made it. I’m guessing someone in poor working conditions receiving next to nothing in wages using fabric that’s been grown with the help of lots of pesticides. I also can’t help thinking that for the majority of high street stores that this situation is the same. So where could I go for conscience free clothes? Well there are a number of websites out there. Adili being one. The clothes are lovely and I wouldn’t say no to wearing any of it, but £54 for a plain white tunic? You’ve got to be joking. I realise that there’s no way these clothes could be as cheap as Topshop but I’m on a crappy wage and there’s no way I could ever buy one item of clothing for that amount of money. I could get a skirt, shorts and a shirt for that in H&M! So is there such a thing as a fair trade shop that won’t cost the earth (arf arf)? Until I start earning a decent wage I’m afraid that I’ll still be wandering around the aisles of New Look. (although it has to be said both New Look and Topshop do a line in organic t-shirts so there is a little bit of progress).


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  1. In the U.S. the Salvation Army and Savers run large, well organized shops with loads of clean clothing, mostly used but occasionally brand new. So I can 1)save money, 2)support charity, 3)recycle and 4)avoid the whole global sweatshop/unsustainable production guilt trip. Then, if the budget allows, I can splurge on something organic or fair trade. Underwear botaand shoes are still a problem, though.

  2. Hi there

    We have some great clothes on special at the mo…for example an organic flared skirt for only £12.50 at this precise moment in time!!!

    Entire clearance range is at:

    I hope you find something you like…



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