To celebrate the fact it’s my birthday and this is my 100th post, I’d thought I’d share with you my trip to London Zoo last Saturday. It really is a great place to visit. I went there just over a year ago with Carrot Fly and Aphid and the conditions and enclosures the animals are kept in are really improving, the gorilla area particulally.

The otters were the best though, the camera whores.


5 Responses

  1. Otters? Oooers the lot of ’em! Oooers!

  2. Happy birthday! I hope that you’ve had a wonderful day with lots of cards, presents, cake and bubbly!
    Well done on a 100 posts.
    They look quite bored, as though they’re fed up with having a group photo taken.

  3. D’oh! Happy burpday matey and here’s to the next 100 posts. And the next. And the next. You can never escape!

  4. Bloody Hell! As I didn’t want to start the final audits & claims for my projects just now I decided to look at your very first post. Do you know that we started out blogs only a few days apart? The more I look, loads of people seem to have started in late 05 – must have been something in the air!

  5. What…no monkeys? Shame!

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