bum ache

Just a quick post to get everything down before I forget and not post anything for another five weeks. 

Ive been busy! Having been given the choice of either allotmenteering or the gym, I chose gardening. I did a bit more digging (well, just loosening of the soil ready fr some proper weeding) planted the broad beans that have been sitting in paper pots outside the flat for ever, sowed some wild flower seeds (butterfly mix) and weeded around the garlic.

Do you remember that greenhouse Carrot Fly and I put up?  Well a few weeks ago, the wind decided to blow it down, break my seedlings and rip a massive gash in the top. It was quite upsetting. So yesterday I planted some more peas, broad beans and gave the celeriac another shot although I fear it may be too late for them now.

This morning I did my first bit of guerrilla gardening, but I’ll write more if things decide to grow.

7 Responses

  1. I actually managed 5 hours weeding at my lottie on Monday -the raspberries look much better but my arms are scratched quite badly!
    On Tues I had my second visit to the gym-an hours exercising on 5 machines-the last one (cross treader) nearly finished me off then on the route home I nearly collapsed going up some very steep steps-had to stop and admire the view several times so next time I shall take a different route home!
    I much prefer the lottie to the gym but aim to get fitter so shall have to return for more torture on the cross treader soon

  2. You need to write more posts about your bum.

  3. Oh, and what is this about guerrilla gardening? Can we have a clue? Go on…

  4. No, Burro, because it probably won’t work and it’s a bit rubbish anyway.

    Actually after I wrote this post the bum ache got worse and couldn’t acually walk properly for over a day. God, I’m unfit. I’ve got a week off so work this week so work on the lottie should be done, so more news about my bum (and it’s consequential ache) should be soon.

  5. Yay! Will there be pictures or even a YouTube of The Great Bum Ache? You admiring public want, nay, demand it!

  6. Sorry to hear about your greenhouse.
    Is it salvageable?

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