I know, I know!

Yes, I’ve been rubbish, yes i’ve not really been down to the allotment for weeks and yes I’m a lazy moo. But I have been fighting hoards of evil aliens in an amazing 50s outfit, complete with beehive (pictures soon) and work’s been rubbishly busy, which means the blog has suffered a bit. Sorry. Thank you for your comments since I’ve been away and business will be resumed shortly. I’m planning to go down the the plot this weekend, but then it’s a friend’s birthday so we’ll see.


6 Responses

  1. You’re not the only one-I confess I haven’t been to the lottie to do any work since Oct/Nov mainly due to the wet weather or any other excuse I can think of.I have done lots of volunteer gardening at school and some recently in the garden at home-I plan to start tidying my lottie tomorrow-it shouldn’t be too bad as I reclaimed 75% of it back last year and the other 25% is covered in black plastic!!!

  2. Glad to have you back – know what you mean about being crazily busy. Looking forward to the pics of you fighting aliens!

  3. Definitely want to pics of aliens in 1950s outfits and beehive hairdos. Yes please.

  4. It’s terribly tedious when the 3-D “life” stuff gets in the way of blogging. You need to a get a PDA or BlackBerry or something; then you can blog from the garden!

  5. I have to agree Jean, the excuses have been coming thick and fast recently, although if this good waether continues, I’m not going to have any for the weekend. Cripes!

    Pictures soon (well a link to them anyway).

    Eguinan, that’s a bloody good idea. Hmmm…

  6. What? Where? Show me!

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