It’s snowing outside! It’s awesome and the temptation to skive off work is almost too great…


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  1. It’s not snowing here yet – our office has a series of warning stations (i.e. family members from Brum to Manc) who are in touch informing us “It’s Coming!”. It’s like some kind of disaster horror film where radio contact is lost post by post…

  2. It was very pristine but is now turning grey and slushy.
    Luckily I’m at home in the warm today!

  3. Unfortunately the snow has brought a power outage on my street, which means no heat or hot water for the foreseeable future, in addition to no light. Sucky. 😦

  4. Schools all closed here in usually mild Birmingham, but some of us still had to work. Luckily Thursday is a quiet day anyway…

  5. It’s really not fair seeing school kids playing in the snow while you make your way to work. It was the same here, there are about three secondary schools near me, all shut down. Bah.

    Jen, that sucks. I take it you’ll be staying in London this weekend then?

  6. Luckily it only took 4 hours to fix. Some kind of underground fire. You know, I can deal with no electricity and no heat, but it’s the no hot water that I draw the line at.

  7. I gave into temptation! My doggy had never seen snow so we went for a long walkies! A good freeze is essential for the soil and the plants. Roll on spring!

  8. Snow… snow… yep… we got snow. But I suppose you can enjoy it if you must!

    Spring? Where are you?

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