Greenhouse – A story in pictures

So despite having the ever enthusiastic Carrot Fly hanging around last weekend I didn’t actually go down do the allotment (for various reasons, one being I went to this. If Any of you are around town next month, come along! It’s fun) instead we built the mini greenhouse that’s been sitting in the bedroom for the past six months.

This is Carrot Fly putting together the bottom shelves.

A most unflattering pic of me finishing off the structure:



The finished greenhouse! It looks lovely sitting outside the flat. Let’s hope some little bugger doesn’t nick this one like the last.

This weekend won’t be much more productive for it is someone’s birthday. Happy birthday lover!

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3 Responses

  1. Ahhh, the good old Blue Posts…one of the last proper Soho pubs, now that the White Horse has been bastardised.
    The Posts, The Ship, and The King of Corsica (if it’s still going) were all lunchtime hide aways in my youth….Hiding away from my colleagues who drank in the Welly or the Admiral Duncan (pre-gayification!)

    Greenmantle’s top telephonic tip..if you want a BT engineer in a hurry, stick your head in The John Snow and mention “cash job”…beats reporting the fault any day.

    Err….I’m rambling now aren’t I.

  2. Jonathon ross? *dirty* Anyone should be ashamed for having naughty thoughts about a man who has happily accepted an exceptionally unhumble sum of money for his timne and work which, although entertaining, is not worth such a sum. Anyway, Louis theroux every time!!!!!!!!!!! Because he likes cats. I know this is the wrong post to write these intimate and personal thoughts, but it’s about time the public (or small proportion of the public) are exposed to such an idea. What a guy. There’s my ‘would’. I’m sure you appreciate it Char. Oh and thanks for uploading that b’ful picture of me, much appreciated. Happy birthday Dave!!!

  3. You drunkard Ju.

    I do love the Posts, it’s friendly and there’s a likely chance of getting a seat which immedieatly makes it a fave in central London. The King of Corsica , alas, is now a trendy grastro pub. I’ve not been to the Ship, but having just looked at it in I may just pop in for a quick one.

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