It seems I’ve reviewed about five million (well, two) TV shows recently. However, there’s one show that I’ve sadly missed out as it really was essential viewing. Ray Mears’ Wild Food was awesome. It’s food shopping with the smallest ecological footprint. Also, as started on the Triforce, Mears is my shameful would. He’s very good with his hands.

Ray Mears

Which celebrity do you have a secret and slightly shameful hankering for readers?

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  1. Christ! Now this is my kind of post! But whilst I ponder the looooong list I have I shall offer my views on this TV delight. Ahem.

    How bonkers is that old bloke with him? He’s worth the TV licence alone! Happily munching ants and eating freshly dug up roots like some kind of Vulcan monkeyman. I’m a big Meers fan and I’m loving this series, but it’s funnier than anything he’s done before and I’m not sure that’s what he intended 😀

  2. Fiona Phillips… oh god, I shall weep with shame now. In my defence, she’s got a cracking bottle on her 🙂

  3. Leaving aside the distasteful matter of Ray and you, its just occurred to me that you were talking for ages of having a bonfire on your allotment on a cold winters night along with mulled cider and music…..what ever happened to that eh? EH??

  4. Good point! Um. Well, it’s not really been cold enough for a proper wintery bonfire, and besides, as you said yourself my lover, the waste that needs burning isn’t really suitable for a bonfire. Not that that’s stopped me in the past. Hmm. Lets see if this month gets really cold.

  5. Not suitable for burning? What is it – car tyres and plastic baths?

  6. Na, it’s just damp and green.

    By the way, I love that old guy with Ray Mears. I loved the way he kept gorging on limpets and those razor shell fish type of things (can’t remember the name of them at all, but I loved the way you had to put salt down their hole and they popped to see what the fuss was about, and then you grab them) but absolutely refused to eat the bi-valve mussels – I found it amusing that this man would eat absolutely anything apart from something that might have picked up a particular algae.

  7. Richard Hammond! But you already knew that, cos I’m strangely unembarrassed by it.

  8. Joanna Whalley (sobs)- so now you know. I watched The Singing Detective at a very vulnerable time in my life (i.e. when I wasn’t getting any).

  9. Well I’ve got afew TV “Woulds” … Anna Friel in her airline adverts, Katie Humble and her mate Hermione Cockburn (together, but purely in the insterests of Rough Science you understand), or a recent new entry -Dr. Alice Roberts off “Coast” (looks good in combats!) but these are all in the “pathetically hopeful”, rather than “shameful” category I guess.

    For that I must confess to a certain stirring for Paula Radcliff – a gangly runner, but scrubs up nicely..which is fortunate,… considering.

    But not much beats listening to the outrageously suggestive voice of Jo Whiley…I’d pay her just to read the telephone directory!

  10. Paula Radcliff? Well, you’ve made me feel better about Fiona at least 😀

    So far there’s only me, you & Mildew with shameful secrets – Joanne Whalley (not Kilmer anymore thank god) is extremely understandable and Richard Hammond is quite easy on the eye really. Come on folks – don’t hold back!

  11. Radcliff? Even after the ‘incident’ in the London marathon a few years back?

    Also I would go totally gay for Kate Humble. Although whenever I see her on TV it’s on Springwatch, so it’s a choice between her or Bill Oddie. No brainer really.

  12. Jonathan Ross or Paul Merton. I like a man who makes me laugh and Jonathan’s lisp does it for me big time.

  13. It can only be Diarmuid but God help him if I ever get my hands on him!

  14. 1. Sarah Beeny. 2. Cameron Diaz. 3. Kelly Brook. Not necessarily in that order and certainly not all in one day …

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