I have joined the gym in an effort to lose my size 16 bottom and my big flabby tummy. Normally, I’m allergic to any kind of physicl activity (apart from working in the allotment, obv.) so this should be interesting.

Wish me luck.

7 Responses

  1. Good luck hun – I feel your pain as I almost joined a gym this January. Phew! Close thing!

    Take it easy and don’t forget, Dave is a bloke so will like curves better that lines x

  2. Oh, Dave seems perfectly happy with what he has, so it’s not really for him, I’m just rather sick of random people asking if I’m pregnant…

  3. OK – I’ll hold off sending the emergency pie parcel from Wigan 🙂

  4. A young woman once gave up her seat for me on the subway; my initial thought was that she did it cos I’m just that pretty, but then a friend pointed out that my peacoat–a couple of sizes too big and with bulky pockets around the abdomen area–made me look pregnant. Of course, instead of joining a gym I just gave the coat away!

  5. I think that takes great courage to do something that you probably dont really want to do but feel you have to. Well done and good luck.

  6. Good luck… I need to do something similar myself and quick!..Except I notice it’s harder to do anything quickly since I put on weight.

    And I don’t even have your cover story open to me for an excuse on “fat days”.

  7. Thank you guys! You’re all lovely. Gym update: I’m doing well, I’ve still not been. Hmm…

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