An ode to Wilkinsons

The joy of Wilkos

“Fetid, fetid grow my nodes”

That’s okay cuz I know I’ll enjoy the show

A firefly laughs and subtly explodes

‘Twas a day off work today and after a lovely long lie in, I popped down to Wood Green to look at one shop in particular to what’s turning into a yearly pilgrimage to the shop that has it all: Wilkinson’s. I go there throughout the year, but after the sale has died down in January, Wilko’s start bringing out their gardening stock. I swear their stock gets bigger and better every year too. I couldn’t actually buy anything as I’m skint until I get paid next week, but I just wondered around the aisles of glory and wondered what I spend all my wages on next week.

If you have a store nearby, I suggest you pop down soon. They have their usual buy one get one free on seeds and a huge amount of bulbs and flower tubers on sale. There’s also a decent amount of soft fruit. There are gooseberries selling at £2 each and there are raspberries, grapes, oranges, blackberries and figs. They’re all tiny, of course, but will soon grow into strong plants in a couple of years. Two and a bit years ago, I bought a bird of paradise plant from Wilkinsons and it’s doing amazingly well. I still don’t expect it to flower for another few years, but it’s the healthiest plant I have.

Their equpment stock has increased too. There’s the usual spades and forks, but they have a few other things too. Mini three tiered greenhouses and the thing I have my eye on – and aluminum cold frame for only £20. I doubt the quality will be amazing, but it’s perfect for keeping just outside the flat. There only seems to be only one in the shop, so please people, don’t go and buy it. It’s mine.

10 Responses

  1. Hmmmm….Up at an ungodly hour due to the insomnia, but now wondering how something might “subtly explode”….a interesting concept to try and visualise.

    We ain’t got no Wilkos in this neck of the woods. Looks as if it must be like Woolworths on steroids.

  2. Fine and dandy, and I’ve been known to buy some seeds down there myself – but I’d counsel against buying the likes of raspberries from Wilko. These things live for a long time, and once they’re infected with virus by the local wildlife the yield drops off year after year, placing a realistic lifetime of 15 years on the plant assuming you start with certified virus-free stock. If you buy a plant already infected (a common problem) it will never yield well, and in a few years you’ll give up in disgust.

    There are other types of soft fruit where this is a problem, such as all types of currants – it’s worthwhile having a read about this kind of thing as soft fruit bushes are really part of your garden infrastructure.

  3. Ooh, shit-brown background in the comments screen. Hate it!

  4. Hope you got it!

  5. Sorry Hedge,…But that represents the honest brown loam of the life giving soil. By reminding us of this, Mildred encourages us all to embrace the earth from whence we are born…. In an anti-post-apocalytic way.

    It’s not just brown y’see……It’s Art.

  6. Sorry, as soon as I read this I ran down and bought the cold frame thingy. I’ll do…something…with it.

  7. I like the background Hedgie – I think your eyes may be broken 🙂

  8. You mean you traveled all the way down from Oxford to Wood Green just to piss me off?! Why I ortta…

    Also, I quite like the brown. It’s earthy. But don’t worry, Hedgewizard, I’ll get bored with it soon enough and I’ll change the template. Also thanks for the advise on soft fruit.

  9. Yeah, and I ran the whole way, just to make you look bad.

    By the way, Chris and I have jumped on the bandwagon and decided to start a blog of our very own.

  10. So you have! Consider yourself linked Jen

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