writer’s block

I was going to write a brilliant post tonight about all the ace things I’d been up to over the weekend, but I’ve been sitting at this darned computer for over two hours now and I still can’t put the right words together. It was going to be about how and extra hand in the allotment can make a day there so much more productive but instead I’ve gotten distracted by work and the Oscar nominations. Hey ho.

Things were busy on Sunday though. Carrot Fly came and helped and we did an awful lot. A few plants that I keep buying in garden centres got planted including a lovely pryacantha (only five pounds in the sale!) that’s been put up the arch. Incidentally, the arch suffered a bit from the high winds, we discovered it leaning at a 45 degree angle. There didn’t seem to be too much damage on the site from the winds at all. My next door neaighbour’s entire huge black plastic sheet found it’s way onto my plot and on the other side some panes of glass from Joe’s greenhouse got shattered, but I was expecting a more devastated site over the weekend. Oh, and half my compost bin blew away too, although I managed to find it sitting five plots away.

It’s amazing how much can be done with an extra hand. Work gets done faster and sharing a cup of flask coffee and a jam sandwich is one of life’s pleasures. It also made me realise how much work I have to do on my own and it’s incredibly daunting, but for as long as my sister is living with us, she’s going to be on the plot lots, so spring time is going to be a breeze this year. I may actually get rid of most of my weeds rather than having about 50% of the plot permanently covered in couch grass. With Carrot Fly on board we tackled the bottom left hand corner of the plot. My herbs and strawberries were there but were starting to get swamped my weeds. We dug the whole area out, weeded and moved everything so that I at least have a corner of the lottie organised. Click on the photo below for notes:

I’m sure other things were done on that day, but I can’t for the life of me remember what we did. (Ju, if you’re reading this and you can think of anything else worth mentioning leave a comment, *thank you*. ) Be prepared for other hastily written posts over the course of the week…

3 Responses

  1. Well done you two. I don’t know, between you, Soupy, HedgeWiz, Bean Sprouts and the redoubtable Allotment Lady, I’m looking like a total shirker!

    I promise, if I get the bedroom flooring done this Saturday, I’ll spend Sunday at the bottom of the garden digging and digging and digging. Honest.

  2. Makes a big difference having someone else on the plot doesn’t it…long may it continue. We lost 2 compost bin lids as well as some glass in the wind too but could’ve been worse. Made some artichoke chips last night a la Carol and they’re fantastic!

  3. It has to be said, if it wasn’t for Ju being completly desperate to get out the flat and be in a more ‘rural’ area I would have been as lazy as you Burro. At least you have an excuse – you’ve got a house to do up, I don’t think ‘to get a couple more hours of Zelda done’ is very acceptable for me…

    I really want to try artichoke chips, they do look lovely. Come pay day next week I think I may have to make a wee order to Dobies…

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