Another ropey TV review

Grow Your Own Vegetables is currently being aired on BBC2. It’s great! Carol Kline is a wonderful and enthusiastic presenter who really inspires you to get out there and plant stuff. I was going to write something decent, but I’m only doing this post to try and cure my usual Sunday night insomnia. So here’s a few thoughts on what’s been broadcast so far.

  • I want to try wild parsnip.
  • The sale of Jerusalem artichokes will now rocket
  • It helps a lot when you have three enthusiastic children helping out.
  • I liked Kline’s response to digging up potatoes for the first time, it was almost gasp for gasp my reaction when I dug up my first spuds last year. It made me smile. And remind me I really should buy my seed potatoes for this year.
  • The music used was spot on, every tune a good one.
  • It was a top rate production. Informative and entertaining. Will watch again. A++++

13 Responses

  1. I was encouraged to buy some Jerusalem artichokes after the programme……never again! I had the most horrendous wind and distension!
    I too am enjoying the programme….I think! I am just a bit frustrated that we are not getting real info on some of the clips. For example….the RHS garden. It isn’t clear what size the beds are, and what they are doing for rotation. We are told you can keep a family in veg on a 3 metre square plot but not told how….other than that they have something ready to go in when something else is finished.

  2. I agree – it did gloss over what would have been valuable information. I did love the giant parsnip though!

  3. Bugger! Missed part 2! I have to say that I liked it despite its holes (more details on the RHS scheme would be nice, I agree) but it is trying to appeal to a lot of people, not just the ones already doing it, so I can see why they’ve cut down on info overload to avoid scaring people off trying.

    Well, that and the inevitable book, of course… or is that cynical of me?

    Here are some links:

    TV Show:

    Repeats (I can catch No. 2 tonight – yay!):

  4. I disagree. Three enthusiastic children are the last thing you want in a vegetable garden. Believe me. I know.

  5. Yeah, we’re not really the target audience for this programme really. It’s been aimed at complete beginners and I think it’s done a pretty good job. It’s impossible to put all the information needed into one half hour programme. It gave enough information for you to think ‘I can try this out’, and it encourages you to do more research on the subject, which is half the fun when you’re starting out. I’m sure the accompanying book will give far more information on the various plots on the programme, but that’s no different to every other gardening programme the Beeb have ever done, bar Gardeners World. Titmarch’s How to be a Gardener is a much better course when TV and book are combined. Also, the BBC website has plenty of information to help get you started out too. But saying that, there were more than enough pretty pictures to look at and it wouldn’t have hurt to have a couple more voiceovers with them.

  6. Aha! Found you, you’re IT! And you are indeed a person. Most reassuring.

    If I can chip in about jerusalem artichokes, these are fartworthy because they’re high in inulin. Inulin is a prebiotic, i.e. raises your level of “friendly” bacteria much more than drinking a few measly million of the things in aspartamated milk. If you’re not used to it, of course, you get a messy ferment and loads of gas; John-Hurt-alien-from-chest-stylee. Eat a little for a few days, then go nuts. Metaphorically.

  7. Hi Mildew, love the new design. It’s a shame JA’s are so gas-worthy. I love the taste but the painful after-effects put me off growing or buying them.

    I wasn’t keen on this programme, it was too much dreaming and not enough info. I realise it was probably aimed at beginners, but as a beginner last year, I found that these programmes gave you a false idea of time scales and useful technical information.

    Having said that, i’ll watch it all the way through as I am a veg growing nut! 😉

  8. Did I really come accross as a spambot when I left the odd comments on your blog, Hedgewizard? Welcome to the land of crappy ramblings!

    And welcome back Wizer! It’s been ages. How’s your back?

    I’ve always fancied trying out JA. I’ve heard the tase is amazing and being juvenile, am amused by the fact I could pretend to be in an episode of South Park.

  9. Not you, Mildew! The “spambot” turns out to be a nutter speaking a made-up language, posting from a blog started a few days ago. Don’t track it back, you’ll only encourage her.

  10. Encourage? I say we march up the hill to her with pitchforks and torches and burn her blog down… grrrr…

  11. McBurro the programes are repeated once and maybe twice(possibly on BBC1) so check out the TV mags/papers!
    Some of the camera shots are a bit way out just wondering if the camera person was under the inflence of something!

  12. Thanks Mildew, sadly the back is making little improvement. However, i’m not letting it stop me. There will be an update on my blog soon, things are starting to happen 😉

  13. I agree with your comments on this Mildew – and found it to be a ‘light’ entertainment version of veggie growing with mainly ‘bought’ plants.

    Anything that encourages people to grow something has my vote, even if it is not ‘in depth’

    The quotes about the RHS 3 square metre plot are very misleading – had phonecalls to day – quick turn onto BB2 you can grow all you need to eat in a 3m plot. (Mine in 330ft x 33ft allotment)!.

    You obviously can not grow the staples, or the fruit, and a lot of other things – and not to last all year around – but I think it is good if it gets people thinking.

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