Went and visited the millions of garden centres at Crews Hill last Sunday. Didn’t really buy much as Dave was on Cash Watch, but I did invest in a pair of lovely fleecy Wellington boot stockings because despite this being a crappy mild winter that only seems to be winter in name, cold still penetrates my wellies and stabs my feet as if I were in the Antartic or something.














 Also: I visited my first farm shop. It was on a real farm! Within the M25! It’s produce didn’t seem locally produced though, unless you really can grow oranges and pineapples here, and the meat, although RSPCA Freedom Food, came from other counties. But I shall be visiting again for two reasons. One; their stables are awesome. When I visited there were two Shetland ponies, a donkey and two ostriches. Ostriches! Two; they have the most fabulous range of eggs I have ever seen and they came from the farm too I think. There were duck eggs and about ten different breeds of chicken eggs too. We’ve bought a dozen duck eggs and some hen eggs and I shall be trying them out tonight. Mmmm… poached eggs on toast…..


10 Responses

  1. If there was a prize for the best be-socked legs in blogsville, you win it 😀

  2. Only because I narrowed the picture so it looks like I have thinner legs!

  3. If it works, it counts 🙂

  4. So is the rest of you dressed like a an elf, out of shot…or is that just my imagination?

  5. Enquiring minds want to know…

  6. Actually, I was in my Little Red Riding Hood outfit..

  7. My, my Burro….What long furry ears you have!

  8. All the better to keep my straw hat on 😉

  9. Only just found your weblog. Highly entertaining. Like your January 9th entry re: the fleece wellington boot stockings. They are made by Town & Country (albeit produced in China), and must rate as one of the best modern innovations. My only regret is that they aren’t widely available, so when I find any stocked in my size, I tend to buy them in bulk – red, green and blue.

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