5 Crazy Things

I’ve been tagged by Burro and it would be most rude if I didn’t reply. So here’s five things you may, or may not know about me.

I may be living in London now, but I’m from all over the place. Born in Carlisle, moved down to Bristol when I was three and then Lymington when I was 11.  My family’s surname originates from Devon (where my Dad’s side of the family are all from) and it means ‘rabbit wood’, which I think is lovely.

Down south, my dad is known by old people the region wide as he’s a reporter for the local news.

If you want a tour of the House of Commons and a drink on the Terrace, I’m your girl.

Once on holiday when I was little, while walking amongst the fells of the Lake District, I fell into a bog. It’s quite scary being neck high in cold, dark water.

Dispite owning a Wii, a DS and a Playstation2 and doing the odd thing on the PC, I’m actually rubbish at playing video games. So bad, in fact, that when visiting a videogame expo a couple of years back, I got laughed at 12 times by various teenagers (the worst kind of mocking) while trying out various games.

So there you have it. I could have come up with something slightly more interesting, but it’s the first day back at work and my brain’s slightly frazzled. So who to tag? Hmmm…

John, Clodhopper, Eguinan, Wizer, and Thisisalloneword


7 Responses

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  2. Yay! What a cool dad you have! And is that offer for the tour of the HoC for real? I only ask as me & the mistress are coming down to the Big Smoke soon to visit her brother (who lives in the Barbican which is cooler than I ever imagined) and my sister (who lives somewhere near the Oval). First, I have to try and get over my renewed fear of the tube – the last time we came down was before some bastards had blown then up.

  3. I’ve always wanted to live in the Barbican, it reminds me of some 60s sci-fi show.

    And the offer for the tour is real and you and the Mistress are more than welcome to come down. I can only do non sitting Friday’s though. You’ve got my email right? Let me know the dates you’re down and I’ll see what I can do.

  4. Wow! You’re a star! It won’t be for a while yet – have to book the MRI, etc (long story but nowt to worry about). I’ll be in touch 😀

  5. Just remembered to look at yr blog mildew – thanks for jogging my memory mcburro – consider myself tagged – I will have to give you a hand doing some allotmenteering one weekend soon – nought else to do in January and i have a pipe and a flask now so why not?

  6. Tagging moi? Oh alright then!

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